Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Oh my June birthday ladies, I'm so sorry!
I didn't forget about you, I promise...I just...forgot to hit "publish" on this post last week. Major fail. 
Hopefully you all got some birthday cash and can buy yourself one of these lovely pairs of earrings!

Okay June birthday ladies, let's talk pearls.
When I had my Bat Mitzvah as a 13 year old, I got some pearl jewelry as a gift, and I remember thinking "when am I going to wear this?!". Not in a jerky, ungrateful way...but more just trying to figure out when I would be sophisticated enough to have the chance to show them off! At that age, to me, pearls were for classy Southern women who wore pastels. 
Nowadays, pearl type earrings come in all shapes and sizes, and while some remain classic, others are almost edgy! 
Here's a round up of some recent favorites:

June ladies: 
How did you celebrate your birthday this year?
xo, lp

Missed your birthday?
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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Last week on the blog I posted one of the coolest baked goods I've made in a while- a Tie-Dye 4th of July Cake. I topped it with some homemade "sparklers" which were just made of toothpicks, christmas tree garland, and double sided tape!

I came up with a few other cake topper ideas for the 4th- all of which took about 5 minutes total to make- so no excuses about not having any time to add that extra touch to your 4th of July dessert! These could easily be added to cupcakes or brownies as well :)

So here's the cake (recipe here):
4th of july tie-dye cake

And here are the cool 4th of July cake topper ideas:
4th of July Cake Topper DIYS

What you need:
Silver or gold christmas tree garland // double sided tape // toothpicks
How to do it:
Cut 2-3" long pieces of garland and wrap it around a toothpick that has double sided tape on the end. Pinch until adhered, and add to cake!

What you need:
Cardstock paper // toothpicks // tape // sharpie marker
How to do it:
Watercolor red and blue stripes with some white in the middle on your cardstock. Let dry. Write a 4th of July message on it, and adhere to toothpicks!

What you need:
Silver or gold christmas tree garland // double sided tape // toothpicks // colored paper
How to do it:
Take steps from "The Sparklers" to make the first part. Cut out stars on colored/pattern paper and tape to tooth picks. Mix & match on the cake!

What you need:
Toothpicks/ Red/Blue Washi Tape/ String/Twine
How to do it:
Cut pieces of washi tape and fold in half over string/twine. Cut into flag shapes, alternating red and blue. Tie or tape string to two toothpicks, and set apart on cake.

Easy, right?
What will YOU be making for the 4th of July?

xo, lp

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Sometimes the best sales are the "extra sale on top of sale" sales, right?
Oh man, I should have started this post by saying "take a shot every time you see the word "sale" in this post. You'd all be wasted right now.

Anyway, Shopbop has extra 25% of sale items right now, which means that item you've been eyeing for a while to go on deeper sale is ready for you to buy it :)

On my radar: a few black bikinis (like these) are on sale finally, plus any of these Tory Burch items!

if you're NOT interested in shopping this sale but you're still reading this post (you're the best)- here are some more good options for your reading pleasure:
- One Fine Day's latest Love List is perfection
- Franish answered some style questions that us nosy readers asked

If you ARE interested in the sale, what are you still doing listening to me blab?
Go! Shop!

xo, lp

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