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I knew exactly what my engagement ring would look like when Michael proposed.

 I helped design it! 
how to custom design your own engagement ring!
The reactions I get when I tell people I took part in making my ring are variations of the following:

1. "That is so cool! How awesome you had a say in what the ring looks like!"
2. " didn't want it to be a surprise? I can't imagine if it hadn't been a surprise for me"

The second version just really gets me. I don't go up to people who had their ring given to them in surprise and say " didn't design your ring? just..settled with what he gave you?" That would be ridiculous and rude. And wrong. Because there's just no right answer when it comes to engagement rings. Heck, you don't even need an engagement ring if you don't want one.

Michael and I first talked about getting married after about 2 months of dating, so we were more than comfortable talking about rings. I'm INSANELY picky, and was so happy and appreciative that he knew me well enough to know that I would like to have some (read: alot of) control in what the ring looked like. Ironically enough, my ring ended up looking just like a ring that Michael jokingly told me he would buy me one day when we were still in college.

 Also- let it be noted that looking at my ring, no one would ever guess it was "designed". It's a simple, platinum three-stone ring- but nothing out there I saw had the exact band width or profile size that I wanted- so we designed one that was exactly what I was looking for! "Designing" doesn't need to mean over the top crazy wild details- even the most simple white t-shirt was "designed!"

This post is for anyone else who is hoping to design their ring too- these are steps I took, and I hope they'll be helpful to you!

Step 1: Get inspiration online.
Go on Pinterest. Scroll through #engagementring and #theknotrings on Instagram. Search Etsy. There are so many easy, pressure-free ways to search for rings nowadays! I created a hidden Pinterest board with my sister who has a lot of jewelry knowledge and we bounced ideas back and forth of what looked good. 
how to design your own engagement ring
Step 2: Try some rings on!
Going into a jewelry store is just like going into a clothing store. You are allowed to try the merchandise without having to BUY anything. I know, it can be a little intimidating or awkward to walk into a store alone- so bring a friend! My sister and I went through a store about a year before Michael proposed and we both tried on a bajillion rings. See what you think looks good on your finger. See if you like a white or yellow or rose gold (or other metals). I kept gravitating towards 3 stone rings, so it's clear that's what I wanted to end up with.

Step 3: Find a jeweler you're comfortable with & ask about their policies.
A few friends recommended a local jeweler, which is both where I checked out rings with my sister, AND ended up designing the ring. The people were welcoming, not overly pushy, and incredibly knowledgeable. Michael and I found a guy in the store with an outgoing, honest view on picking out a ring that we loved. I asked about 20 questions about their policy on designing rings- and found out it costs ZERO money to design a ring, and if you don't love it when it's done, it's a full money-back guarantee. That took a ton of weight off of both of our shoulders!

Step 4: Share your ideas, and BE. SPECIFIC.
Oh lord. This isn't the time to be wishy-washy my friends. This is something you'll wear forever. I was very clear I wanted a platinum band, and valued quality/clarity of the diamonds over size. My biggest requests were to have the stones be low-profile and to have a narrower band. I personally don't like it when stones sit up really high on the ring, because I feel they catch on everything, and I have really short, sort of wide fingers (#truth).  He found us a ring that was similar to what I wanted, and we went from there.

Step 5: Choose your diamonds & get a mock-up done.
Oy. This made my head spin. Our jeweler brought out loose diamonds of different sizes and it took a while to pick what what was right. Once we had an idea, our jeweler sent instructions to the designer and they sent back versions of what the ring would look like with different sized side stones (image below).  I ended up not going with either of the exact below options- but here's what the sheets look like! FYI- it takes about 2 weeks to get the drawings back.
how to design your own engagement ring
Step 6: Get a wax mold made. 
Once you've approved the drawings and picked your stone(s), the designer makes a wax mold of your setting, so you can rest the stones in it and get an idea of what the tangible ring looks like. Keep in mind, if your ring has prongs, they'll look a little oversized in the wax mold form. From CAD to getting your mold, it takes about 2-3 weeks.

Step 7: Get the ring! (and get it insured!)
I chose to NOT pick up the ring with Michael when it was done, because I wanted to at least be surprised with what the final-FINAL product looked like. From wax mold to final ring, it takes about 3-4 weeks. Before you (or your partner) walk out the door, be sure you have your ring insured. Whether it's on an existing insurance plan, or through Jeweler's Mutual, DON'T be lazy about this! If you lose your ring or it get's stolen and you don't have it insured, you are seriously out of luck. HERE is a great, easy article about ring insurance!


I truly, 100% believe that the jeweler you work with can make or break your experience. If you're not getting a good vibe from the first person you work with, email the jewelry store and request someone else. Don't. Feel. Bad. You are paying a premium for their service, don't at all feel like they get the final say in who you work with. I can assure you that they'd rather you request someone new than go to a whole other store to purchase your ring!

If you designed your ring, what advice do you have?

xo, lp

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


When it comes to wedding planning, I feel like people don't talk about invites much. Maybe it's just because I'm a huge paper goods nerd, but this is something about the process I was SO excited about! It turns out if you're indecisive (like I am), it takes a liiiitttle more time than you'd think. In the end, we found wedding invites we absolutely loooooove, but I definitely thought I would get this task done in like 30 minutes. Sigh. So naive.
Here are the 51 thoughts while creating wedding invites:

1. Oooh! We get to send out invites! Yes!
2. I can't fricking wait. Everyone is going to want to hang our invite on their fridge.
3. We have to do letterpress. Anyone who's anyone does letterpress!
4. Whoa. Letterpress is really expensive.
5. Wait this is like down-payment-on-a-house expensive.
6. Ok so maybe not letterpress. I'll Pinterest this up in another way somehow.
7. gold foil still in? 
8. Never mind that's too expensive too. 
9. Okay let's just Google "cheap wedding invites".
10. Oh! We can afford this site!
11. Mmmkay let's see- 186 design available. 
12. Sort "low $ to high $$$". 
13. Welp these look more like 40 year high school graduation-y than wedding-y.
15. Screw this I'm designing my own. That's not hard right?
16. Should we have a picture of us or not?
17. Are pictures of us only allowed on Save the Dates?
18. Okay no picture of us. Artsy picture of leaves instead.
19. Wait...maybe sparklers?
20. Nope sparklers are too "4th of Julyish"
21. Ok these leaves rock, let me ask for opinions from people.
22. Soooo no one likes the leaves. Shit.
23. Time to Google "free stock photos of leaves"
24. "fall leaves"
25. "red leaves"
26. Whoa "leaves" looks weird after typing it 30 times.
27. Okay. Got the photo. Time to add text.
30. Ok. Calmed down. Maybe I should keep
32. Ok...nothing pink..or orange..yellow is hard to read...purple looks
33. Oooh! This one is nice! Okay design chosen I AM A GENIUS THIS IS AMAZING.
34. Names CHECK. Location CHECK. Time...
35. Wait.. 7pm? or 7 PM? or 7'oclock? 7 in the evening? Hm...
36. Blurb about marriage abroad, CHECK. Accommodations CHECK!
37. Do we put the registry on the back of the invite? *checks 50 wedding sites* 
38. Now the great part where we tell people they can't bring their kids...this should be fun.
39. Googles "how to tell people to not bring kids to a wedding" 20 times.
40. Whew. Add the wedding website and we are GOLDEN!! YAAAS.
41. Wait. Shit. Do we do RSVPs online? Or a card?
42. Is online RSVP cool and forward thinking or cheap and annoying to old people?
43. Will people forget to RSVP online? I like online RSVPs but do other people!?!?
44. Screw it we're getting RSVP cards, real mail is the absolute best.
45. *runs finished product past a bunch of people*
46. Okay. Time to order. Feeling great about this. *hits PURCHASE*
47. &%*$& DID I SPELL "accommodation" wrong?!!?!?
48. Nope we're  good. Whew. 
50.Okay nope those are good too. Time to stop staring at this goddamn screen.
51. Shuts computer. Gets glass of wine. 


Where did you get your invitations from? Minted? Shutterfly? Etsy? Vistaprint? Kinkos?
Let me know how it worked out for you!

xo, lp 

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(and if you're wondering, the front of the invite ended up looking like this.. with location/address removed of course!)

Monday, July 4, 2016


For someone who loves tradition A LOT, I'm having a pretty non-traditional wedding. 
No walking down an aisle, no bridesmaids, no bouquet toss. Just about the only traditional things that will happen will be that we will say vows to each other, and that I plan on wearing a long white dress. The first one is the only really important thing, right?!

Anyway- weirdly I love the newer tradition of the bride wearing a white-ish shorter dress to pre-wedding events, like bridal showers/bachelorette parties/etc. I don't know who started it (cough social media cough)- but because there is NEVER another occasion to really wear a short white dress, this seems like the perfect excuse to buy one.

Because I am the most indecisive human ever, I'm employing you to help me pick the type of dress to wear. This will end up being used for a small family/friend party, a dinner before our return-home from getting married reception, and any other events that may pop up! Throw in your input below (bonus points if you have an "other" option you love!)
bridal shower dresses- which is your favorite?

Okay team, tell me what to wear- vote in the poll below! 

xo, lp

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