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if you're new around here, allow me to welcome your pretty face to Beauty & the Beard!
i'm laura, a minnesota born, university of wisconsin [gobadgers!] schooled lady.
 in october 2011 i started this ol' blog when my (then)boyfriend michael and i decided to up and move across the country without any set jobs, apartments, connections. 
mature, no? 
[mom, i know you're saying "NO!"]
well, long story short: we moved to the South and it wasn't for us.
we decided we belong in the midwest [for now], so we're back again in our old favorite city looking at it with a fresh set of eyes.
 click around and you'll find snippets of our adventures out here, our favorite recipes, and plenty of DIY projects [some more successful than others].

in may 2016 we got engaged, and in october 2016 we got married- so i  documented our wedding planning journey as we went along!

if you have any questions, please do email at beautyandbeard@gmail.com
i promise, we're oh-so riveting.
thanks for stopping by!
much love,
beauty & the beard.

psst: find me on instagram here: @lpodlich


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  1. No sweet tea?? If you stay down south long, you will become a fan!

  2. i've lived in the south for 19 years, and i'm still not convinced it's "for me" either! much too muggy and hot in the summer. one day i hope to be on the west coast! :-)

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to say I think it's a cute site! I also really like your name ;)

    - Laura


  4. Love your adorable story!Love to subscribe to your blog,but am OLD and could not find out how to do so!��My email is tgiese10@yahoo.com


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