Thursday, May 17, 2012


Oh hey, guess what, I'm a bandwagon jumper. Cool.
I debated whether or not to do this post, because I wasn't sure if it would come off mean or whiny. Technology is funny that way, isn't it? You can mean something with the purest intentions and it can be turned around to smack you in the face.
Well, Carly and I had a long talk, that made me realize, THIS IS MY BLOG, not anyone else's. Maybe some of you will relate to my "things I'm afraid to tell you" and maybe it will alienate you. I truly hope none of the latter, but here goes...

(If you want to know the origin of these posts- read the first inspirations here and here)

When I studied abroad in Peru I had a blog...and looking back on it now it was terrible. Tiny pictures, black background, neon font. The only followers I had were my family members. If you want a good laugh check it out here.

I didn't get Twitter until a few months ago, and had to have Carly teach me how to use it. No, I'm not kidding. It was embarrassing. Sometimes I STILL don't know when to use # or @. Bear with me people.

I really do not like cats. No, really. I pretend to be nice and like other peoples' cats, but I don't. They give me the heebie jeebies. You can never know what they're thinking and then out of no where they claw the crap out of you. Boo cats, boo. 

I cannot stand Nikki Minaj. Or Nora Jones. I don't feel the need to explain myself here either. The end.

I am overly sarcastic, and when others do not get sarcasm/dry humor, I tend to think less of them. I keep trying to find a way to phrase that to make me seem like less of a jerk, but I can't. I grew up in a family of intelligent people with a quick wit, and if you couldn't keep up, too bad for you. When I meet a fellow sarcastic blogger, it's like a breath of fresh air (like Christin).

I pretend to like living in the South, but most of the time I don't. This doesn't mean Richmond doesn't have great things about it- but overall, it doesn't hold a candle to the Midwest.

I'm usually terrified of being home alone at night.  I blame it on watching too many episodes of Law & Order, SVU. When Michael has been away/worked late in the past, I keep lights on and fall asleep in the wee hours when I'm too tired to stay awake any longer.

Whew. Okay, that's enough honesty for one day.
Hope all of you still follow the blog even though I'm a Nikki Minaj & cat hating, Twitter inept baby.

Did you do a "things I'm afraid to tell you post"?
If you did, leave the link in the comments. I'd really love to read more of them.

xo, lp


  1. I hate cats too. And a lot of bloggers have them. I can't handle that shit. Give me a dog and I will be happy, but a cat.... no thank you.

  2. Oh I love this! I may have to steal this idea!

  3. got to love those tiny pictures! just three months ago my pictures were smaller than they are now. so funny.

  4. I still love you, little sister!

  5. This is awesome. I hate cats as well. They're scary, unpredictable, and they make me sneeze.

  6. I love cats but I won't hold it against you. Also the shout out made my day. Huge smile came over my face. Also, who doesn't love Nikki Minaj e tois? Shes a weirdo.

  7. I really hate cats too!! I'm super allergic to them but they seriously freak me out. I blame it on my cousins cat who tried to claw at my face once. I also hate being alone at night because I watch Law & Order SVU all the time. It's sad to admit but when the hubs goes out of town some weekends I stay at my sad. Haha.


  8. I jumped on the bandwagon too. It's totally fine.

    And I hate, hate, hate cats too! And too many episodes of SVU has put so many bad situations in my head that I freak myself out when I'm by myself at night - you're not alone in that either!

  9. Criminal Minds more than SVU gets me......and here I am getting ready to move into a place all by myself! Idk what on earth I'm going to do! Haha. If Nora Jones never made another album I would be more than ok with that!

  10. Haha, I feel the same about the South! I just don't get VA, I miss NJ!

  11. Nikki Minaj is my favorite female artist and I have three cats. Totally kidding girl! Nikki Minaj is really annoying now and cats are just plain disgusting! I could do without both honestly. I hear you on not wanting to be by yourself at night. My husband has to travel every now and then (not too much thank goodness!), but for me it's more about missing him and being lonely than scared. Although if I'd previously watched a scary movie or tv episode of something then I would probably feel that way too. I liked your things i'm afraid to tell you. :)

  12. I'm still scared of the dark, so I get you! Ummm, Nikki Minaj drives me bat-shit crazy. And finally, I'm still not on Twitter. I have a Twitter name, but the 90 year old in me isn't ready to take the plunge. :)

  13. I have had twitter for a while but have not started to really use it till recently and the whole cat thing...Yeah totally with you on that one! They are so sneaky!


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