Monday, May 21, 2012


Holy crap it was windy in Virginia Beach this weekend. 
My hair is a frizzy, curly, knotty mess. It's really good looking, let me tell you. 

Having our MN friends in town this weekend was lovely- and we thoroughly enjoyed the beach. Michael is now pure red on his back, and still white on his stomach from boogie boarding on his belly for hours and hours. It's rough. This picture doesn't even fully do it justice:

A few more shots from last week:
1&2: work outfits, with big necklaces as usual.
3: beach outfit, with a big necklace as usual.
4: debut of the new Fornash earrings (giveaway coming soon!)
5: my lovely necklace i DIYed here
6: i'm a grandma.
7-9: virginia beach shots (studly Beard, pre-sunburn)

How was your weekend? 
Any extreme sunburns worth talking about?

xo, lp

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* P.S: Today I'm over guest posting on The Lifestyle Guide with my Boudoir of the Day. Landi is beyond sweet- make sure to check out here blog while you're there!

*P.P.S: Did you check out my guest post feature on Richmond over at Pink on the Cheek last week? If not, go over to Lauren's lovely blog and give her some love. she does a great "flyaway friday" series featuring bloggers from all over the USA!


  1. Aww poor guy! I feel so bad about his back :/ But you looked so cute this week - love your necklaces :)

  2. Ouch! No sunburns here in the midwest, but that is the EXACT color my hubby turns in the sun. So many of our vacations end up that hue! :)

  3. I love all your necklaces, and OUCH sunburns are the worst! xo

  4. OUCH!!!! Oh my gosh. That sunburn. My skin is crawling! Hope he feels better!

  5. Holy moly...the pics looks worse here than it did on instagram!! Poor studly Beard!! You always wear the cutest necklaces!! I want to raid your jewelry box!! ;)

  6. I am totally loving your statement necklaces, that DIY is gorgeous! I spent most of my weekend giving my new roommate a tour of Boston, it was nice to finally have some outdoor time.


  7. Oh man that doesn't look fun! I love all your necklaces you add to your outfits! Super cute!!

    I'm having a fun neon accessories giveaway on my blog! Check it out!

  8. I'm new to the blogging world (a few months) and so excited to see another blogger who lives in the area. I live in Hampton, Va :)
    Feel free to check out my blog


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