Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Neon Painted Necklace

Today's DIY is inspired by all the fun neon jewelry I've been seeing out there on Etsy/ShopBop/Pinterest. Sure, you can go out and spend $50 and buy some- or your could DIY your own for under $10!
The sisters behind Sorelle in Style and Maegen from Maegan both have done this- and who wouldn't want to be as creative and stylish as these ladies?

So here it is dears, my DIY neon necklace...
First things first, let me tell you about this necklace. It looks like it belongs on a gaudy 16 year old trying to show her older prom date that she's a sparkly, classy princess-right? Well  I went looking for dirt-cheap rhinestone jewelry and actually found it at Burlington Coat Factory- which is like a darker version of Tj Maxx or Marshalls. I was choosing between this one and a smaller, less gaudy one and Michael said, "well, you might as well go big or go home!" Smart man. 
First I took my $9 necklace and wiped it clean:
Next I painted each rectangular gem with white acrylic paint:

After the white paint dried I went over it with a layer of neon pink paint. I've seen people use nail polish too- but I didn't have any that was quite this neon!
A layer of Mod Podge later the paint was sealed and extra glossy:

The final product!!!!!!
 I love how bright it is- and it looks great under or over a blouse (this cobalt one is from Forever21).
Would you wear this gaudy neon bauble?!


(per usual, linking up with Brassy Apple for Make It Monday, and A Little Tipsy for DIY under $15!)


  1. I would definitely wear this! I love it, good for you!

  2. ummmm i am in LOVE with that necklace! I dont care if it looks like a 16 yr old would wear it to prom hahaha I think its super cute and now I wanna make 50 of them :] lol

  3. Michael is definitely right, go big or go home - this necklace is so cute! I'm definitely going to need to try this out for myself.

  4. Michael is definitely right - go big or go home! This necklace is so cute! I'm definitely going to have to try this out myself.

  5. AND pinned. This is something I need to do asap!

  6. what a creative DIY! such a great idea :)

  7. Go big or go it! And so true, because this looks awesome!!

  8. Love it!! I would so wear it. :)

  9. GORGEOUS! You know how much I love this and the cobalt blouse. You did such an amazing job love! Michael is a smart man :)

  10. I love this!! The neon is amazing and this is something I would definitely wear.


  11. That's REALLY. COOL. It look's just like you bought it like that which is the best kind of DIY in my opinion.
    And yay for your man for bringing some manly insight into the process- I could mentally hear mine saying the same thing.

  12. Fab job, my friend!! I love it! I just bought a neon yellow one on etsy. Now I am kicking myself! Gonna try this myself with the neon pink paint! Thanks for sharing!

  13. WOW girl. you did such a great job! i am seriously going to try this DIY out. i will now be on the hunt for a gaudy rhinestone necklace! ha thanks for sharing.

    xx :: ashlyn

  14. totally agree go big or go home when it comes to neon-rhinestone-y jewelry. il ove this it looks so cute! I have one I will def be needing to DIY now!

  15. I love the ''Go Big or Go Home'' haha!! The necklace definitely has a unique look! Love it!

    I sure would LOVE IT if you shared this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream to Reality! PLEASE :)

  16. heck yes I would wear that!! Beautiful! What a wonderful way to re-do a piece of jewelry that likely doesn't get much wear. I love it!

  17. All your DIYs make me want to run to Michaels and buy a whole bunch of craft supplies!

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