Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shade love

Last week Michael's lovely aunt Adrienne asked my to do a post talking about my favorite sunglasses out there right Adrienne- happy belated birthday, this is for you!

CONFESSION: I do not own a single pair of expensive sunglasses. Why? I am the most sunglasses-accident prone person I know. I end up smashing them in my purse, dropping/scratching them, or losing them while doing some outdoor activity. I do not deserve nice sunglasses. It's a fact. 

Should I happen to mature and learn how to take care of my sunglasses, these are my top 5 this season:

1. Stella McCartney Metal Aviators: Will aviators ever go out of style? I sure hope not. In my opinion they flatter most face shapes- and I always have a cheap pair of these kicking around in the summer.
2. Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers: Last summer I had a pair of $5 knock-off Ray Bans which I managed to crush into three pieces somehow in my purse. Heartbreaking. I love the fact that men and women alike wear Ray-Bans and look beyond classy in them.
3. Kate Spade NY Retros: I love all the neon right now, and these bright pink and coral retro shades would be perfect for a girls vacation to the beach. Oh Kate Spade, why must you make everything so well?
4. Miu Miu Square Slant Tops: I love huge sunglasses (which my mom would call "bug" glasses)- and I think these square shades would be the perfect sun accessory!
5. Tom Ford Classic Cateyes: There are so many bloggers I've seen rocking these (ahem, Maegan, I'm looking at you), and although I'm not 100% I could pull these lovelies off, I couldn't leave them off my top 5 list. (mainly because these would be so cute on you Adrienne!)

Now I'll turn to you, my awesome readers:
Which sunglasses are your favorites this season?

xo, lp


  1. Haha I am the same way with sunglasses! But I still am heartbroken when even the $5 ones get smashed in my purse! I guess that's what TJ Maxx is for...:)

  2. If you are as bad as you say with sunglasses... I've actually spotted some pretty cute cheap ones at Target... at least you wouldn't feel as bad loosing or breaking/scratching a $30 pair compared to a $200 pair ;)

  3. This is funny because I used to be the exact same way with my sunglasses! Here's the thing though.. if you buy an expensive pair, you pay more attention to them and end up not breaking/losing/smashing them. So I say, take the plunge and buy a pair :) xoxo, morgan

  4. I never buy expensive sunglasses either because I ALWAYS lose or break them! I got some nicer sunglasses from my sister in law for Christmas this year though, and I've been trying to be careful with far so good! I love all your picks btw! :)

  5. and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to sunglasses! I have NEVER bought an expensive pair..I actually just picked up, yet another, pair for $5.50 at F21 yesterday...I am horrible with my shades...
    Because Shanna Said So

  6. I am totally going to jinx myself right now but I actually have a Ray Ban addiction and have not lost/broke a single pair *knocks on wood*. I have the aviators and the wayfarers but now I think it's time for some hot pink ones- so fun!

  7. The Ray Bans are always my fav! Great selections!

  8. I can't believe you left my man, my lover, Marc off the list! I think this post needs a sequel.

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love this post! I'm obsessed with sunnies! I want them all! Although my faves are definitely the Kate Spade Retros! So fab! I'm you newest follower! And I would love it if you would follow me too!


  10. Same here! My old boyfriend bought me a nice pair one time and I ended up leaving them in a ginormous lecture hall, needless to say I'm never trusting myself with a nice pair again! ;)

  11. I usually wear my white raybans during the summer! I'm a sunglasses fanatic! I have so many haha! Cute blog new follower!

    Xx Kelly

  12. Much obliged to you for your sweet remark! I cherish this post! I'm fixated on sunnies! I need them all! In spite of the fact that my faves are certainly the Kate Spade Retros! So fab! I'm you freshest adherent! What's
    more?, I would love it on the off chance that you would tail me
    here as well!


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