Thursday, August 1, 2013


My friends. You know I love me a good necklace. 

Before I go any further in this post- let me assure you this is NOT a sponsored post. I'm not getting any money, jewelry, or other special treats for writing about this lovely shop:

So what can you find at brevity? Creative, stunning jewelry made from mixed materials and personal touches.

My HANDS DOWN favorite necklace is the signature necklace. I can honestly say I've never seen ones done so perfectly. If it was in my budget I'd get one this second. I mean, not to be a loser, but I love my signature. Aren't they fantastic?

If the signatures aren't your thing then there are some simple metal or acrylic options that are sure to please:
 Finally - I loooove these leaf necklaces- they're available in metal or acrylic, and I can't decide which I like more. I'm thinking gold? Black? Both?

So please friends, stop by Anna's lovely shop brevity and admire her work!

Which necklace would you choose?
I mean, seriously how perfect are those signature necklaces?

xo, lp

(again, not a sponsored post. just in case you missed that)


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous! I'm not much for initial necklaces, but those are so pretty.

  2. Ok, that signature necklace is amazing. I love the idea of getting the handwriting of someone you love!

  3. That signature necklace, goodness. So gorgeous! she totally should be paying you haha!

  4. LOVE that signature necklace! In fact, all of the jewelry is unique and pretty!

  5. I think I 'd need to work on my signature before buying that necklace


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