Thursday, August 22, 2013


This is the third and final leg of our awesome trip to the Pacific Northwest!

I'll actually be back with a Food Guide sometime next week- so for all of you with future plans to visit the areas I mentioned here and here, be sure to come back!

When we got back from Washington we stayed with our friend Scott, who played tour guide for us the remainder of our trip. We brunched, we shopped, we explored. I was a little Instagrammed-out by the end of the trip, but I have to call out the AWESOME ice cream we had at Salt & Straw. Coffee & Bourbon? Yes.

What I did snag pictures of was our trip to Seaside, OR for a morning while Scott was at work. It's a small town on the Pacific that is full of charm and, most importantly, salt water taffy shops.  It was hazy-cloudy while we were there, which was kind of a welcome break from the crazy sun we'd been getting:

I mean, how cool are the clouds hanging over the bluffs? 
We grabbed some food and wandered in and out of tacky tourist traps before heading back to Portland.

Scott brought us up to an overlook of the city- and told us we needed to stop taking couple selfies (his words, not mine)- and snapped this perfect picture of us. I love that it's not overly posed or anything!

After a quick drive around town it was time to catch our 8 pm flight, so we said goodbye to this awesome town!

Thanks to Elliott & Scott for being amazing hosts, and thanks to all of YOU who gave us great suggestion on sights to see and places to try!

We need a new state to visit next-
Anyone have any great ideas??

xo, lp


  1. Come to Vegas, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon with us next summer!! Adrienne and I have been talking!!

  2. I agree with comment above! The grand canyon is awesome!

    1. I am dying to go as an adult! I went as a kid but I feel like i'd appreciate it more now. Plus Michael has never been!

  3. That picture of you and Michael is precious, and the picture of the clouds over the bluffs? Wow!

  4. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Oregon is so beautiful - awesome you got to check it out! (PS - just found your blog AND. I. LOVE. IT. :) Following now!)

    <3, Charlotte

    1. Thanks so much lady! Sorry for the delay in replying- I've been camping and have been totally MIA! Glad you love the blog! xo

  5. This looks like an awesome trip. The scenery is just gorgeous.

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