Thursday, September 26, 2013

let's all take a moment to read.

okay everyone.

i found this article yesterday and it was good enough that i wanted to share it with you.

what's it about?

getting #engaged. yes, the hashtag is part of it. 
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i won't go on an on about it in this post, because i think plagiarizing is pretty lame, so i'll let you just follow the link and enjoy!

i will say that this was the most eyeopening part for me:
"Out of my 11 close friends who have gotten married in the past three years, 10 of them attended meetings with their wedding coordinators,to ensure their wedding day would be flawless. Only one of those friends attended pre-marriage counseling."

so, go read this awesome article. stat. 

After you read it, come back and let me know what you think!

xo, lp


  1. i love that article and it's so true! it's really easy to get sucked into the rush of planning all of the fun details of the wedding, but it's sad how easy it is to forget to plan your MARRIAGE instead of just your wedding.

  2. Wow. This totally hits the nail on the head. I am no where near being married (single as they come actually) but I can't believe how much pressure people put on the engagement and showing off part of things. Also...If I see one more "He Liked it So he Put a Ring on it" FB Status or a video of the engagement, I might have to scream. Sometimes I wonder if Social Media isn't going to be the collapse of our society. People need to quit trying to "Keep Up with the Jones's" and focus on themselves.

  3. Love this article! With such a wedding obsessed society, we forget about what comes after the "big day." How about a reality show on the day to day lives of recently married couples? #marriedlife? Not as interesting as planning a wedding, but those are the things a wedding leads to and that's also why people should be getting married.

    Thanks for sharing!! :-)

  4. A must read! So happy you stumbled upon this and shared. I think it is so relevant in today's world and young american culture. It's funny just yesterday i was curious and looked up the hastagged #engaged on instagram and it was just nuts. With the amount of friends I have getting engaged right now its a no brainer that I am constantly thinking about it as well but this article definitely puts it in a good perspective. I especially loved the part where the author shared her own parents engagement, which I believe is more meaningful than most staged ones today.

  5. This article is oh so true!! Last week I went to a "Not Wedding" - basically a bridal show where they put on a fake wedding and reception. No I'm not engaged but a dear friend was the fake bride. Both the founder and minister spoke before the "ceremony" and talked about how while the wedding was important there is a whole life to be lived afterward. The wedding is just one day, marriage is a lifetime!

  6. That was such a great article!! I think there are a lot of people that just want to get engaged and don't think about the whole marriage part. We didn't sit down with a wedding coordinator, but instead did pre-marriage counseling through the church. I think it's so important to be certain you want to get married which I don't think a lot of people are.


  7. Love it! So true! I feel like most people getting engaged right now wouldn't go through with the marriage if they were told they couldn't have a wedding! Pre-marriage counseling is so important!


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