Monday, October 13, 2014


Hi friends!

Today is all about YOU! Yup. Today is all about treating yo'self- today specifically with some gilded goodies.
Some of these gifts are just around $20- and I KNOW each and every one of you drop more than that on an average trip to no BS about "not having enough spare cash" mmmkay?

Here's what I've chosen for YOU!

Fortune Cookie Box: Sometimes the perfect gift to give yourself is one that can hold all the trinkets & treasures you've treated yourself to in the past. And have you ever seen one that's cuter than this cookie?

Gold Lipstick Mug: If you're more of a practical self-gift-giver like I am - this mug is not only useful, but cheeky and perfectly ladylike.

Devil is in the Details Notebook: Anyone else out there a Type-A list maker? If so, why not at least write to do lists in style?

Chevron Round Box: Okay, so maybe you're not into the Fortune Cookie Box- then go for this one instead. Perfect to hold rings on your dresser or earrings on your bedside table!

Golden Chevron Glasses: While we're on a chevron kick here, let's talk about these glasses. If you have a barcart and are looking to add some shine to it- these are your best bet!

Gold Monogram or Animal Wine Stopper: Got glasses for your barcart? Then these wine/bottle stoppers might be just for you. Plus, if you REALLY love yourself, one's a monogram, so you can just stare at the first letter of your first (or last) name all day erryday.

If you're still refusing to buy yourself something, then buy one of these and send it my way, okay?
I'll take those Chevron Glasses, please and thank you!

xo, lp

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