Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Since our birthdays are only a couple days after Valentine's Day- we don't exchange presents on the 14th, but I love shopping around to find good joint V-day/B-day gifts for Michel!

Here's some cool gifts that caught my eye recently- get one of these for YOUR guy!

1. FOR THE HEALTHY (or lumbersexual) GUY: S'well water bottle- keeps cold things cold for 24 hours- or hot things hot for 12 hours. I LOVE the manly wood finish- perfect for the lumbersexual in your life :)

2. FOR THE IPHONE LOVING GUY: Does your guy love his iPhone so much he doesn't want to cover it with a case...but wants to keep it protected? These Corners4 iPhone rods clip onto his phone and keep it from getting scratched or scraped.

3. FOR THE SENTIMENTAL GUY: Yup, giving a picture frame with your cute face in it is totally still a viable gift idea- especially when the frame is this awesome!

4. FOR THE MUSIC LOVING GUY: I've heard awesome things about this Nixon wireless bluetooth speaker- this is definitely on the short list for Michael!

5. FOR THE GUY IN THE CITY: I know, an umbrella is SO not a gift most people would think to give- but if your guy walks to class, or work, or parks his car outside - giving a practical gift (that's also stylish) is one that in the long run, he'll love you for.

6. FOR THE GUY THAT TRAVELS: Shoe bags- are they sexy? No. But if your guy is a constant traveler- whether it be for work or play- these things are so dang handy. They keep your shoes packed up separately so you don't have to worry about them getting dirt (or something more disgusting) on the clothes in your suitcase :)

Which of these gifts would be great for the guy in your life?
That Nixon speaker just might be the ticket for Michael!

xo, lp


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