Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Okay guys, time to talk Foot Petals.

Actually, wait. This first: The Foot Petals people have no idea who I am. As much as I'd love for them to be big old Beauty & the Beard fans and send me free goods, they don't know I exist. Just so we're clear before I start. 

I used to wear heels A LOT. Work. Nights out at the bars. Special events.
As I've gotten older (and my time gettin' fancy for the bars multiple nights a week has declined diminished) I really only wear them occasionally- for work or weddings, really. 

Maybe I just had tougher feet back then or what- but when I wear heels now they HURRRRRRRT.
I don't know how I wore them 3-5 times a week for hours on end! 

I won't go on whining- all I have to say is I finally broke down and bought some Foot Petals and they are now my magical new best friends (sorry, other best friends). 

Foot Petals- save your feet from your high heels!

Best ways I've used them:
Heavenly Heels: in the back heel of my high heels (duh)- for a FULL night on my feet at an event...not ONE SINGLE BLISTER. Boom.

Heavenly Heels: In the front part of my short booties (the...er...lower shin? front ankle? help me out, med students) that always rub against my skin and hurt. This probably isn't what they're intended for, but dang it works!

Pressure Pointz: Riiiight on the bottom of my pumps where the ball of my foot takes all the pressure. Extra cushion saves so much pain. Fuh real.

There's about 6 or 7 other varieties of these things, but since they're not super cheap, these are the only two I've bought so far (Heavenly Heels are $19, Pressure Pointz are $9). I've seen them sold around, but I buy them from HERE because of the super fast free shipping.

Anyone else used these things and loved them too?
Anyone who is sick of getting blisters or pain from wearing your shoes- GET. THESE!

xo, lp

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