Monday, July 13, 2015


Oh you guys. I know it's technically been summer since the end of June, but this weekend reeeeeeeally felt like summer. Lots of sun, pool time, and campfires. Everything I own now smells like bonfire smoke, but it was soooo worth it. 

Here's what's good lately:

#1: Taking Instagram snaps and turning them into summer iPhone backgrounds like it's my JOB y'all:
H E L L O S U M M E R!

#2: Um, Kate Spade fruit earrings for the win (shop them here). Pineapples or Bananas?
love these kate spade earrings!

#3: Latest Rocksbox necklace is faaaabulous. I've never been a purple person- but this one is growing on me.  (free month of rocksbox with code beautyandbeardxoxo)
curls + bright jewels

#4: Let's chat about backpacks. I've wanted one of these Fjallraven backpacks for a while (this yellow one is so cute!) but I can't decide on a color. Help a girl out- which one is the best?! :
fjallraven backpacks

#5: This week's recipe is so dang easy, and requires less than 5 ingredients. YAS.

What summery-good things did you do this weekend?
Follow along on more summer adventures HERE!

xo, lp

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