Monday, August 3, 2015


This weekend was PERFECT.
There. I said it.
Michael and I drove back to MN so I could be at my friend's bachelorette fiesta. We've been friends since kindergarten, so there was no way I was going to miss it! We spent the whole time at her family's cabin at the lake- enjoying drinks and sunshine and a ridiculous amount of "remember when...??" storytelling. It was perfect weather, perfect company- just right for the soul :)

Here's what's good lately:

#1: Like I said, perfect weather! Look at that blue sky!
summer perfection

#2: It wasn't too shabby at sunset, either....
summer perfection

#4: I'm still deciding what I'm going to wear to her wedding (at the end of August)- and I've been eyeing these gorgeous Yumi Kim dresses. The floral patterns on these are just beyond!
yumi kim dresses
#5: Another day, another awesome jewelry find. I actually had my first Rocksbox ever that I DIDN'T love. It had 2 necklaces in it that weren't me at ALL, which was a pretty big bummer since the last box I got was so good I kept all 3 pieces! Luckily the 3rd one in this box was one I loved- this delicate Gorjana gold long necklace below. I shipped the box back right away, and the new one will already be here today :) I know I normally gush about RB, but thought I'd keep it really by saying that they don't always hit it out of the park- but everyone is allowed an off-day, right?
(if you're still curious, you can get a free month trial with free shipping by using "beautyandbeardxoxo" as a code at checkout!)

#6: Tomorrow's recipe is SO. GOOD.  I noticed, however, while I was editing these images- that I foolishly had captured myself in the reflection of the spoons! AH! Thank goodness I was wearin' clothes, y'all. Oy. 

So what's new, people?
Anyone have a vote on which Yumi Kim dress I should get?

xo, lp

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