Sunday, January 31, 2016


I didn't really mean to take a whole month off just kind of happened.
I figured to start the new year I would try and take the time I usually spend blogging and read more, get outside more, and connect with family and friends more...and then a month later...I was still doing just that.

I still read other blogs daily, and recently I realized how much I missed sharing life updates, recipes, and other fun things on the blog- so I'm back, friends. Whether you like it or not (hopefully you like it?) I'm back.  
February is my favorite month, so it'll be a good month to start B&B back up! 
Here's what's been good lately:

1. Skiing!
 To start the year out, Michael and I took a few days to cross country ski at Wisconsin State Parks. If you're a Wisco skiier you MUST go to High Cliff State Park in Appleton- they have great trails! We recently got some fresh powder, and plan to make it out and about skiing more this month

2. Books on books on books!All the candy!
I was lucky enough to get a ton of books from family and friends for gifts over the holidays - which means I've been reading a lot more lately. I'm going to start doing book reviews on the blog (YAY NEW THINGZ), so look for them coming soon on People I Want to Punch in the Throat and Crazy Rich Asians!

3. All the candy!
have zero intention to stop doing rainbow order posts or posts with candy in 2016. They're my absolutely favorite to do, and I already have a few under my belt for the year. Best find? Sweethearts released a bag of their original flavors since it's their 150th anniversary and they are SO much better than the new flavors. I definitely went through the bag and picked out all the white Wintergreen flavored ones. #favorite

4. The Bachelor, and other TV things
Hey, I never said I was ditching TV to only read books! I have a group of women I watch the Bachelor with...although it usually ends up being half watching and half just talking to each other. For the record: Olivia is the worst, Jojo is adorable, and Lauren B is totally winning. Other than watching high-IQ shows like the Bachelor, I of course watched Making a Murder (do you guys think he's guilty?!), finally finished New Girl, and have been re-watching Parks & Recreation.

What's new with you?
To catch up on 2016 so far, go here!

xo, lp 

(instagram is the you can find me here ---> @lpodlich)


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