Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It's my birthday today, so I decided to do a post that is completely random and completely about me. Because when it's your birthday you can be self-centered like that, duh.

(If you don't feel like learning more about me, then fine, I guess it's fine if you just go follow me on Instagram HERE)

If you're still hanging around, here are 4 completely weird facts about ME:
(yes 4, not 5. please see point #1 to find out why)
(and yes, I've added completely random colorful pictures to keep your attention)

1. I'm a total weirdo about numbers.

I just had to get that right out there. I hope I'm not the only person who is this neurotic, but if I am I'd totally believe it.
I am strangely obsessed with even numbers.

Radio in the car? Volume at an even number.
Alarm in the morning? Set and an even time.
Volume on the TV? You guessed it! EVEN. NUMBER.
Favorite number? 16   (hurray for 2016!)
Favorite months? 2 (february)  10 (october) 12 (december)

Beyond that I love even years and ages more than odd years. I was born on 2.16.88, so every year I turn an even age, it's an even year. This year I turn 28 on 2.16.16, so it's basically the best year ever. I've already declared it to plenty of people, because hey...why not share your version of crazy with everyone else, right?!

2. I'm super picky about foods based on texture.

Bread pudding? NOPE. SQUISHY.
Cottage cheese? OH HELL NO.

I'm so obsessed with cereal being crunchy that I don't eat it in a bowl with milk. I drink a glass of milk on the side and eat my cereal dry. Yup.

3. I get nauseous really easily.

Seeing needles. Being the back seat of a car. Too much motion/spinning on tv/in movies. Sometimes heights?
Of course the worst is hearing anyone else vomiting. I basically run from the room.
Can you tell I'm going to be a suuuuper  great mom someday? Have fun dealing with our puking children, Michael!

4. I get pretty panicky when I'm home alone at night.

I mean, I definitely blame this on all the Law & Order SVU marathons I've watched. Whenever Michael is out of town I legit barricade the door with the dining room table. If there's ever a fire I am SO in trouble. I should have prefaced this with the fact I live in a super safe neighborhood, but that fact is completely lost on me when it's 11 pm and I hear a door slam from down the hall in my apartment complex.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go spend my birthday in the way everyone dreams (spending the day at work, duh)
xo, lp


  1. In between the combination of SUV and Criminal Minds, I'm now a complete chicken shit at night! However....I lived alone for 2.5 years and was never scared a day in my life, but now that I have Steven, who is now my "security blanket", I sleep with all the lights on in the house, a tension rod under the garage door, chair under the front door and gun on nightstand when he is gone. The last time he was gone, it go so bad I was contemplating going to stay with my parents because I got so little sleep....and I'm almost 30! Yayyyy for being chicken shit BUT double YAY YAY for an "even" birthday!!!!! I hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi! just found your blog through Franish. I'm dying laughing! I'm **sooper** weird about food texture! I'm so glad I found someone else, ha ha. :) I put my greek yogurt in the freezer for about 30 minutes, so i can chew it. I also do this with bananas so they're more firm.... ugh. mushy is a terrible thing-no pudding, no avocado on it's own, limited bananas, etc. And yet smooth mashed potatoes are fine.
    Also, just read your Bag post! I impulse purchased a travel bag from Sole Society, and I'm hooked. I too, am one for a bag for everything and evertyhing in the bag. :) Have a great day!

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