Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apartment. Pictures. Finally.

Everyone has been buggin' us for photos, so here are a few! The space is AMAZING. and HUGE. Some of these pictures were taken at night and some during the day (obviously) so the amount of light that pours in isn't accurately represented in some- but you all should get the picture.

So when you walk in the front door you see this- long hallway. First bedroom is that door on the right, first bathroom is just down the hall from that. Directly ahead is living room and kitchen.
First Bedroom and closet:

 Big first bathroom, picture doesn't do it justice. Directly across from the sink is the washer and dryer- I'm guessing no one cares to see a photo of that..

 Down  the hall opens up to the living room (please excuse the mess):

The windows, the glorious windows...with exposed brick and ledges for our homemade halloween decorations (more on those later):

The kitchen opens up into the living room, so everything is airy and open

The stairs in the living room lead up to the loft..
Here's a lovely shot at night of the loft/bedroom: 
  And again....
 The second bathroom!

So there you all go! Now you all have to come visit to see it in person and truly see how light and bright it is!


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