Thursday, October 27, 2011


The other day Michael and I went to a few new places near Richmond with my friend Matthew- a Richmond native I used to work with back in Madison. One of the places was a cemetery that is the final resting place for around 18,000 confederate soldiers and a couple U.S presidents...but Michael will write about that one. You all love his history posts, right?!

I'll be writing about Maymont, this amazingly gorgeous 100 acre estate that was given to the State after being lived in for about 30 years by a business man after the Civil War ended. Whew that was an unnecessarily long sentence. It's now an amazing park, with walking trails, animals, a nature center, and two breathtaking themed gardens.  Here's the main mansion of the estate:
 Matthew walking around the trails in the fall colors:
 Past the nature center are numerous sites with animals, including owls, falcons, hawks, bald eagles, foxes, black bears, deer, bison and more!
 One of Michael's 30492305842359 pictures of the real eagle:
The park has two main themed gardens; the Italian Garden and the Japanese Garden. Here's the entrance to the Italian one...

 This fountain was beautiful and relaxing. At the bottom is a stone bench you can sit on an enjoy the sound of the water:

Now moving on to our favorite part, the Japanese Garden:

 HUGE koi
 Michael sizing up a tree:

You can find more information on it here or here if you'd like!


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