Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, as you saw here, I've been working hard to make the new place a little more homey by adding Halloween decorations. Now, this is a little difficult since we don't have tables or anything- and Michael is limiting my spending at craft stores (which I guess is smart so I can pay rent...). Here's a look at a few of our Halloween touches:

A few of the many supplies: Wooden skeleton,  acrylic white paint, mini pumpkins, and Martha Stewart glitter (my love).
Mr. Skellington to start
After layer 1 of white paint
After layer 2 and a little glitter
With the addition of a glitter glove- Yes, we did make him a Michael Jackson skeleton. We blame it on the Madlibs we did on the car ride in....
MJ Skellington hung by the window- glitter glove and fedora...

Next came the pumpkins- some I painted plain white and left- the rest I smothered in glitter

Silver, black, and orange glitter!
Glitter pumpkins along the window sills
Lining the kitchen counter with some orange and white candies.
With the Badgerized pumpkin and a few skeletons..
Glitter skeletons!
Mini skeletons hanging from the stairs

And of course, I jumped on the banner bandwagon...
The full shebang!

 The best thing about Halloween is how much I love candy corn and how much Michael hates it. This means any and all candy corn I bring in is mine! ALL MINE!

More soon,

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  1. Laura, As always, you are the queen of decorations! I put 2 small pumpkins on the front porch steps, and hung my Halloween wall quilt in the screened porch window. No glitter, no imagination :<( I did wear my Halloween socks, so I was a bit festive.

    I really like your place, the glass brick windows, and wide window sills are the perfect background for your creativity.

    Comments on Michael's profile. I like him beardless. He has such strong features, that it is good to be able to see them. I think he looks handsome, and not at all 16. I say this as a mother, not a cougar ;>)

    Maymont is beautiful. It's so nice that you are enjoying all Virginia has to offer.

    It was sunny and 66 here on Tuesday, but 40 something, cloudy, and windy today. So enjoy the warm climate, and get better soon. Kay W


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