Thursday, April 19, 2012

book it

I'm here today...but...I'm not.
As you're reading this I'm either in the air or propped up somewhere in an airport enjoying a nice layover.
Michael & I are on our way to celebrate his sister's wedding back in the Midwest!

I won't be in the blog world much, but if you'd like, follow along with me on our trip via
For today I had to share some amazing bookcases I've found recently out on those interwebs.
I love books, but MAN I love cool bookcases even more. 
[nerd alert].

1. USA? YES.
2. I already made a jewelry tree, why not a book tree? 
3. Genius inventions for shorties like me
4. Mint & Rainbow
5. This looks amazing, no?
6. Dizzy
No Source Found via Pinterest
7. Waves? Blades of grass?
If you need me this weekend, I'll be the girl at the bar eating copious amounts of cheesecurds. Mmm-mmm.

Which bookcase is your favorite?
xo, lp


  1. Those all of these make my inner nerd swoon, the shot of color + simplicity of #4 is beautiful. Happy travels!!

  2. Have so much fun!! And take tons of pictures :)

  3. Have fun!! I love all those funky bookcases but if I had to pick a favorite I think it would be that United States shaped cool!

  4. Love the mint one! Have fun at the wedding & being back in the midwest for a bit! xx

  5. i must be a nerd too because i love book shelves!
    you know what's crazy, i just did a post titled the same first line of your post. nuts!
    have fun on your getaway. i live in the midwest, also!


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