Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday again?

I feel like I say this every Monday- but HOW is it Monday already?
I guess that's the problem with working Saturdays/Sundays. Sigh. 

Here's a look into last week via Instagram:
1. clearly our landlord thinks safety is important
2. missing wisconsin farmland 
3. vitamin c
4. blog swap package from sarah
5. dressing up a grey t-shirt
6. best mug, best show
7. mexican joy
8. the shoes that got away
9. actually wearing eye shadow. say whaaaat?!
10. shadows in shockhoe bottom
11. RVA murals
12. gingham & green
13. sunday snacks
14. breakfast
15. i'll take one of each.

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Does your landlord tape your fire alarm to the wall?
Happy Monday everyone!
xo, lp

 Psssst! I also happen to be guest posting for Ashley while she's in Mexico [jerk]- so make sure to go HERE to see it!


  1. Yay yay yay! I love instagram pics! That necklace, blue gingham and green swearter looks so cute girl!

  2. mmm strawberries have been my addiction lately:)Cute blog!


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