Monday, June 17, 2013


Mmmk. So here's what's been happening lately:

1. Sometimes, friends know just how to make you feel good. My girl Dani made dinner and this kick butt cookie cake as a congrats on the promotion I mentioned last week. Like, who does that? And rather than just having the cake say "congrats" it said:

2. I wish I could link to these neon yellow flats so everyone I know could own them, but I got them at an Old Navy outlet. Bummer. They are the best shoes I own, I think. Also: please note M's basil plant. Giant.

3. As if enough exciting things weren't already going on- I bought my first real NEW car this weekend. EEP! It's dark grey and pretty and I love it. Is it wrong to want to hug your car? Probably.

4. My STUNNING sister Louisa was in town this weekend. Oh geez. So much amazing sister time! Isn't she lovely? 

5. This post would be pages long if I told you about all the fun things we did, but probably the most mature thing was getting Tattly fake tattoos. I'm totally scared about getting a real tattoo - but having a fake one for a few days kind of rocked.  

6. On a completely unrelated note, I've decided this is the perfect summer necklace to wear with a plain white tee. Tulle has a ton of great necklaces under $25, but this baby is my favorite!
7. Since you all know I enjoy teasing you about what Tuesday recipe is on its's what is coming your way tomorrow:::

Random other sidenotes:
1. Happy Father's Day AGAIN to my dad, the best daddy out there
2. CONGRATS to my friend Sam, who found out she'll be having a baby boy in October!

What good things did you do this weekend, friends?
Fake tattoos, anyone?

xo, lp

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  1. That drink looks SO yummy–I just bought a pineapple yesterday, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be making whatever you post tomorrow ASAP!

  2. That cake is so adorable!! What a good friend!

  3. The cake is awesome! Congrats on the new ride girly!

  4. that cake loks AMAZING! love all of the food pics :) Just found your blog via the link up and am now following!


    1. also REALLY love the neon flats. i may need to buy some...

  5. Found your blog thru the Join the Gossip linkup...thanks for the necklace link! But now I'm lusting over solo many different ones! Also, I'm a little obsessed with your sister's haircut

  6. Congrats on the promotion!!! Yahooooo!! That cookie cake is too sweet!! And I am so sad that ON decided to NOT open up any outlets stores in even remotely close to me. Those flats are KILLER!

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