Thursday, January 9, 2014

new favorites: the stationary boutique

Sometimes when I do posts featuring Etsy shops I go on and on about how amazing they are- but this new shop I've found needs very little upsell. The gorgeous images speak for themselves!
The Stationary Boutique is a shop filled with every paper good your heart could desire, almost exclusively in white, black, gold, and blush. Stationary (duh), gold foil prints, calendars, business cards- it's all there and it's all impeccably done. 
Before I go on: No, I wasn't paid or perked for this post...but you all shall benefit from this by the discount code at the bottom of the post. Because Jennifer is awesome. And generous. Boom.

Here are a few of my favorite products:
1.  Postcard calendar- that when you're done with the month- the top half comes off and is a postcard. Yeah. Genius! I seriously need to buy one of these.

2. Polka dot business card stamp: Why keep reordering business cards when you can have a stamp personalized for you that not only looks gorgeous, but is also only $30. WHAT!
3. Circle Dot Address Stamp: Okay I know I said this was a paper shop, but it also has paper accessories...and this one is so. freaking. neat. I love the personal feel of a stamped return address rather than a sticker.
4. Gold Foil Cards: In addition to the handful of gold foil prints, Jennifer also has THE most adorable gold foil cards (perfect for v-day!).

5. Confetti Stationary: For all you snail mail fanatics: HOW CUTE IS THIS SET? Love.
6. Love Stripes Mini Cards: I don't think I even need to put in a plug for these ones. Perfection.

Okay, Okay, I know you're ready for the discount so you can spend all your Christmas money on cute new paper goods, so here it is: Through Jan 15th, get 20% off your ENTIRE order using code BBB20!
Yep. 20% off EVERYTHING.

Tell me loves, which item from The Stationary Boutique do YOU love?
Feel free to send me notes on all the stationary you buy...!

xo, lp

*again, i wasn't paid for this post. i just happened upon jennifer's shop and when i told her i was featuring the shop- she offered the discount to all of you. enjoy, friends!
**all images are from her shop. please give credit if pinning!


  1. You have an amazing knack for introducing me to shops I instantly fall in love with, and this is not exception. So many pretty things!

  2. Oh my goodness. Drooling over my computer right now...

  3. This shop is so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just LOVE my address stamp that Jen made! AND she's just the nicest! Great write up about a wonderful shop and a beautiful soul! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  5. i love the circle dot address stamp, really cute! :)


  6. So pretty! I love all the gold accents!

  7. Really I love it all. But I'm especially loving the address stamp. I've picked up a love of handwritten letters recently and this would be perfect to accompany my letters. I'm off to check out the shop now.

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