Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy Monday!

Hope you all fully enjoyed that extra hour of daylight last night- I know I did! 
This weekend was excellent, and SO needed. It was just one of those long weeks at work, you know?
Saturday night I had a much needed girls night that included more wine than I care to divulge. It also involved pizza, popcorn, cards against humanity, and videos that still have me laughing out loud when I watch them.
Everyone needs friends like that. They're good for the soul.

Here's what's been good lately:

1. NATIONAL CEREAL DAYYYY! Last Friday was National Cereal Day, so clearly we had to celebrate it at work. I mean, duh. Someone brought in waffle cereal...HOW have I not known this existed? So good.
2. We have very little art in the upstairs of our loft, but as I shared on Instagram, this one is one of my two favorites:
 3. Sunday was mid thirties- which in Wisconsin winter means GET OUTSIDE weather! So that's exactly what we did- Michael and I put on our snowboots and went for a hike in a nearby state park. We definitely got a great workout in trudging through that snow! Afterwards we went into the nearby town (population 800) to get lunch & an ice cold beer. So. Damn. Satisfying. 
4. Enough about the past- let's look toward the future! Like tomorrow! I'll be sharing a recipe for my faaaaaaaavorite new cookies. Oh my god they're good. And they have fruit in them, so, they're basically healthy...right?
5. Now that it's above 30, I'm thinking spring/summer. That's just the Midwest mentality. 
These TOMS wedges are everything. Denim. Embroidered. Cork. Yes. At this price and for how versatile they are..they're a steal, and I intend to get 'em before they're sold out!

Okay. A little all over the place this week..sorry! I blame daylight savings time? Is that valid?

Anyone else celebrate National Cereal Day last week?
Seriously. Go out there and find waffle cereal. It's the bomb.

xo, lp

*raise your hand if you're an insta-addict. ::hand raises:: find me here ----> @lpodlich **


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