Monday, July 21, 2014


Happy Monday!

I took Friday off so this weekend felt extra fabulous and long. My sister Louisa came into town from Minnesota, which was muuuuuuuuch needed.

Here's what's been good lately:

1. Whoa shoot my hair got long. Just got it cut, but here's the before (woof):

3. Like I said, my sister was in town. She is freaking fabulous. Here we are on the Terrace, failing to take a normal picture:

4. I also got to see my sister Ann this weekend, and my two ADORABLE nieces. Here's Lyddie, being madly in love with Michael. Heart. Breaking.

5. Since Louisa is a photographer, sometimes I beg her to take pictures of me for blog stuff. Liiiike this weekend. Here's an outtake from a shoot she did for an upcoming project I'm working on:

 6. Another day, another candy to rainbow order:

So that's what's been great lately-
Anyone else have some good sibling time this weekend? Or organize any candy? 
(I'm going to guess the answer to that second question is a no..)

xo, lp

PSSST:  I bet you take fabulous pictures on Instagram! Leave your handle in the comments, and you can find me here:  @lpodlich


  1. I'm glad to hear that you and your sister also have a hard time taking a "normal" photo. Ha Ha! After a few days with my sister in Iowa, I died when I looked at some of our outtakes. They're priceless!!

  2. Those out takes are the cutest and always so much fun to look at! And holy long hair lady! I wish I could grow mine long like that but alas I will always remain a short hair kinda gal :)


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