Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Happy Wednesday, you lovely people!

Today I'm doing something I haven't done on the blog:

I wear makeup just about every day, but I haven't done a sponsored makeup review post ever- because I don't like lying to your pretty faces. You see, most companies that contact you want you to oooh and aaaah about their product (duh) and I had yet to have a company contact me that had a product I whole-heartedly believed in: until now.
When Almay gave me this Smart Shade Foundation to try I knew it was something I could rave about- so here it is: an honest review!
I mean, first things first: I get that this has ZERO to do with the quality of the makeup, but the packaging is perfect: clean, simple, bright. Thumbs up #1. 
Second, Almay Smart Shade makeup makes it easy to find "the one" with just three skintone-adjusting shades to choose from, not hundreds. I feel like there have been times when I'm sitting at Walgreens holding 324309 different bottles up to my hand trying to guess which won't make me look like a ghost or an oopma-loompa. Anyone else been there?

So here's how it works:
Step 1: Put a few dots of Almay Smart Shade on- yes, it'll be white!
Step 2: Begin to blend with sponge/brush/fingers- yes, it'll still be pretty white!
Step 3: Continue to slowly blend- if you have a slightly dark tan (which I do right now) it will seem REALLY light at first, but the more you blend, the more it melts into your skin, creating a totally even tone.

And the final product?

Even, clear skin! 
(see awkward faux-glamour shot below)

I was amazed how light this foundation felt- not in the least bit greasy or heavy. Since it's been sent to me I've been wearing it daily, and am still so pleased!

So there you have it- a makeup post by yours truly.
Big thanks, hugs & kisses to the Refinery29 & Almay teams!

Now I want to hear from you, friends-
Has anyone else tried Smart Shade
Like it? Love it?
Do share!

xo, lp

Find more about Almay here:


*again: this was a sponsored post by almay cosmetics. all opinions, thoughts, and awkward glamour shots are my own. thanks for supporting b&b!*


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