Monday, August 4, 2014

photo shoots + plenty of sunflowers

Happy Monday everyone!

I haven't done a recap in a few weeks- so here's what's new around these parts:

So I FINALLY bought a Madewell Transport tote. It's magical heaven. Yup. I said that.
As you can see, it's been on heavy rotation:

Also on heavy rotation? This J.Crew Factory necklace

 To stop being so materialistic and talking about clothes for a hot second- I got the chance to do something cool for work the other day! I've been helping out with a photo shoot behind the scenes, and got to tag along for the real thing on Friday. I cannot wait until it goes live so I can share it!!
Here's a sneak peek :)

To fully jump around, tomorrow's recipe post is DANGEROUSLY good. (yes, I went there!)

Aaaaaand finally- go out to the grocery store/target and buy yourself some flowers. 
I grabbed these sunflowers yesterday and it's amazing how some fresh blooms can improve your mood. So get out there and treat yo'self!

Alright everyone- what kind of flowers are you going out to get today?
I want answers, people!

xo, lp

*psst: let's be instagram friends, mmkay? find me here --->@lpodlich


  1. Just followed you on Instagram! I've heard really ridiculously good things about that Madewell tote.

  2. Already lol'ing at those adorable cupcakes–can't wait for the recipe!

    1. i brought some into work and everyone was loving them- hurray for SHARK WEEK!

  3. I'm planning on going to check out the sunflower field at Pope Farms Conservancy in Middleton sometime this week!

  4. Can't wait for cupcakes recipe, it looks delicious and super cute!
    Not sure what flower should I get today, maybe calla lily :)



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