Monday, December 7, 2015


Day 2. Hope you all liked yesterday's Gift Guide for Booze Lovers ! Today we're putting away the hard liquor and bringing out the caffeine...time for gifts for those coffee & tea lovers you know! These are also good gifts for secret santas at work - because a coffee/tea gift is always a safe gift.

Links below! 

Gift Guide for your coffee or tea loving friend!

COLD HANDS WARM HEART travel mug $18, Free Shipping  
B&W STRIPES travel mug $18, Free Shipping
BRIGHT FLORAL travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
I DID MY BEST travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
I WOKE UP LIKE THIS mug $10, Free Shipping 
BEST DAY EVER mug $10, Free Shipping 
SCRABBLE LETTER mug $10, Free Shipping 
TEAL SHAPES mug $22, Free Shipping
BLUE GRADIENT mug $18, Free Shipping 
GOLD INITIAL mug $10, $7 Shipping 
POLKA DOT travel mug $18, Free Shipping
SILVER GLITTER travel mug $14, Free Shipping
BUT FIRST, COFFEE travel mug $14, Free Shipping 
LILLY FLORAL travel mug  $15, Free Shipping

If you feel like getting me one of these, I'll take the bright floral one- please & thank you!

xo, lp

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