Friday, November 18, 2011

Mean Muggin'

Things are getting crazy around the store before Thanksgiving- hence my laziness in just video posts for the past few days. Sorry, y'all. (Yup, the South is sinking in...) To make it up, I decided to have more than one PIN A WEEK this week. I figure that's more exciting than telling you about the Holiday turtleneck colors. Unless you want to know... I can recite them for you in alphabetic order...backwards.

This pin is one I've loved since the second I saw it in Pinterest. You can find the original post from the super stylish Wit and Whistle. It looked so easy - and it is!

Wit and Whistle used a smaller mug than I did; getting the silo mug from CB2. I purchased a fairly cheap one from Michael's- but now that I know I can make these well, I'll definitely be buying some silo mugs!

Step 1: Buy yourself a white (or fun colored) ceramic or porcelain mug
 Step 2: Buy yourself some ceramic paint. Once you bake it, the paint is dishwasher/food/microwave safe
Step 3: Start making some vertical lines down the mug, connecting them with some diagonal lines (I know, real rocket science here, folks)

 Don't try and make them perfect. Why?
 1. Unless you have some magic crazy steady hand, they won't turn out that way no matter what
2. The imperfect lines look really cool once the whole mug is put together.

 See?!? Looks good, eh?

I have to wait for this side to dry until I do the next side - But I'm completely happy with how this side turned out. You all have to try this! Oh - and for family and friends- sorry -but some of you now know what your Hanukkah/Christmas gifts are....!

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  1. I, for one, would LOVE to hear all about those holiday turtleneck colors...I'll race you to see who can finish naming them first. lol How is the retail business going? The mug is very cute. BUT, your card with your photo is even cooler. You Podlich girls are sure creative - THAT, my friend should be your holiday card.



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