Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Never Forget

This is the only picture we have from the VA Holocaust Museum (which we visited early last week). I'm pretty sure they don't allow cameras- but even if they did I wasn't going to be taking any shots.

Michael and I have each been to a Holocaust museum or two by ourselves (in DC and Israel), but we wanted to see what the VA one was like. The museum had great ratings online- and is one of the few free museums in Richmond. I've got to say, it was moving. I've been to Poland, I've walked through the concentration camps, I've seen things you can't unsee. So when I say it was moving, I'm not just slapping a generic "oh it was good" on it, I mean it.

We hadn't been to a Holocaust museum quite like this before: not only did it give the whole general history, but it also followed one family throughout the years leading up to and through the Holocaust itself. It ended with a room that had pictures of survivors who settled in Richmond after leaving the camps. I have to say, any time I see the numbered tattoos, I lose it.

If you all have a Holocaust museum nearby you, don't overlook it. Or, come visit Richmond and I'll take you to this one. You won't regret it.

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