Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mod Podge Leaves! (Pinterest Challenge)

Do you all know about Pinterest?

Well thanks to Michael's sister Kelly, I've been addicted to it for the past few months. I'm not the only one out there, trust me! Fellow Richmond bloggers Sherry and John from Young House Love just held:

Along with Katie from Bower Power, they encourage their followers to take something they've pinned on Pinterest and turn it into reality! 

As I said earlier- we're trying to decorate the new apartment with holiday decorations to make it feel more homey, and after the success of our Halloween Decorations - I decided for the Pinterest challenge I would take on some general fall/Thanksgiving decorations. Every Thanksgiving back in Minnesota, my mom and dad host the dinner for our whole (albeit small) family, and I would collect leaves from around the neighborhood and press them to use as table decorations-the only problem being how brittle they get! After searching Pinterest I found a few inspirations:

Since we just moved in and don't have all the supplies we'd need for each of these projects- I went the easy Mod Podge route. I grabbed my trusty Mod Podge and brush along with the leaves I had pressed from our walk on Monument Ave the other day:

Step 1: 
Mod Podge the heck out of one side of your leaves- allowing them to fully dry before you Mod Podge the other side (I know this sounds like common sense- but I am the most impatient person on earth when it comes to crafts and learned the hard way that Mod Podge is the stickiest stuff ever)

Step 2: Mod Podge the heck out of the second side of your lovely leaves

Step 3: Appreciate the transformation from dry crinkly leaf to shiny happy leaf:

Step 4: Grab red, orange, or yellow thread and start tying simple knots around the stems
 Step 5: Hang and enjoy! (For now I have some of ours hung under the loft stairs)

 The Mod Podge I have is super glossy- but there are Matte options out there too.

Happy Fall Decorating!


  1. I tried this yesterday and the leaf was beautiful. This morning, however, it was all curled up and nasty looking like the feet of the wicked witch of the east. Where did I go wrong?

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