Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, Tradition

As promised, I'm here today to share the little story behind our first Valentine's day.

WAIT! KEEP READING! I promise, this isn't a gooey gross story. It's a little funny actually!

     So, as you all know, I have the pleasure of living with and dating this stud:
Very manly and Minnesotan, right? Right.

    So Valentine's Day came only a month or two after we started dating- which is always a little awkward in a new relationship. Do you get a gift? A card? Nothing? Too soon? Luckily neither of us really care too much about presents and such so we got over that quickly. Now, both of our birthdays are a few days after V-Day (his is 1 day after mine, to be exact. it's how we met- but that's a story for another day), and Michael's parents happened to be coming to town to visit him and take him out for birthday dinner with his aunt & uncle who live right outside the city.
   Now, at this point I hadn't met his parents or any family for that matter...and the next thing I knew he was informing me that I'd be meeting them...at dinner...on Valentine's Day. Nothing like taking a romantic holiday and throwing a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and cousin into the mix, right? I was actually thrilled and relieved because:
  a.) I was dying to meet the family he always talked about
 b.) it took away any remaining pressure of worrying about what to do/plan for that night.

    I have to say- for those of you reading this: on paper- meeting someone's parents for the first time on Valentine's Day sounds awkward and weird, I know. I mean you don't even know these people and you're sitting at a restaurant surrounded by people making out! It either is a good idea or I was just lucky- but it was actually COMPLETELY perfect. Maybe it's just because Michael's family are some of the sweetest, most welcoming people I know- but there was not a second of tension or awkwardness. Seriously. If anything, all the smoochy couples around gave us something to laugh and talk about. At one point in the evening someone asked Michael if he got me some flowers, which he hadn't. A short while later when the checks were being brought around, the waiter gave each of us ladies a white rose. Now, of course this was something the restaurant did for every guest- but my dearest Michael, smooth as can be quickly said:

  "Um, that's actually from me! See! I got you flowers! And...got one for everyone else in the restaurant so they wouldn't feel left out!"

We all had a good laugh about it - and now each year he gets me a single white rose in honor of that awesome first Valentine's together. The perfect tradition, if you ask me! This year we both work and I volunteer- so it'll be a low key evening for us. Maybe I'll get motivated and make the raspberry blueberry fizz cocktail I talked about last week :)

****Oh, and I forgot to ever make a post about it...but I made V-Day hanging hearts to decorate the windows in the apartment (out of paint chips, of course):

What's your little Valentine's tradition with your love/friends/self? Any good stories to share?


  1. Since the boyfriend and I went to different colleges- I haven't spent a V-Day with him since high school (crazy). And tonight is no different- I plan to go to dinner and a movie with my girlfriends tonight. Happy Valentine's Day! xx

    1. That stinks you haven't gotten to spend it together - but it's great you have fun other plans- hope you have a great night!!

  2. So typical of my brother to say that. I didn't know he actually maintained the tradition of getting you a rose each year - I'm actually mildly impressed by him right now!

    1. I know right? Just got my one from this year a few hours ago!

  3. SO funny, my husband now and I had the same thing happen, we just burned each other a Cd for Valentines day because we didn't want to be too awkward! haha. Happy VAlentines Day!!

  4. Love, love, love this - ps...for those of your reading this blog I'm the 'aunt' in this story. I totally remember that night (my husband, son and I were on our best behavior) and after we left the restaurant I told his mother - if he doesn't stay with that girl HE might be out of this family. Love the rose tradition. You captured the story so well! Happy Valentine's Day LP and MB, xo

  5. Aww that's a great story! Too funny, Ian and I started dating about 5 days before Valentines Day, talk about awkward! I think I ended up buying him football shaped chocolates and then obsessed over whether or not that was lame. We don't really make a big deal out of Valentines Day since our anniversary was so close to it.

    1. bahah i actually laughed out loud reading your comment- the football chocolates kill me! so funny!!


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