Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi, remember me?
Blogging just didn't fit into life last week, sorry for being MIA!
This means you get TWO WEEKS of updates. Hold you excitement in here team, I know you're all jacked.
Let's start with Chicago! I was there for a day for work the other week and it was the most perfect, sunny, blue-sky day. I haven't been downtown Chicago in a year or two (which is a shame because it's so close) and forgot how much fun it is to explore. Chicago friends: Invite me to visit! I want to go back soon!

The last weekend in April we drove to Kansas for a friend's wedding. We had a great time dancing with Michael's friends from high school & getting all gussied up.There wasn't much to speak of on the drive because..well..Iowa/Missouri/Kansas are some flat, empty states. The prettiest part of the drive was the lavender fields in Kansas & Missouri. Gorgeous!!

My Prinstagram calendar came a few weeks ago and I loved the one for May 1st:

One awesome thing about my place of work is they supply bikes for anyone to use to ride from building to building or take a trip during lunch. When it FINALLY got nice out last week I took an afternoon ride with a few of my favorite ladies. Yes, all the bikes are lime green. Sweet, right?
Did you all hear about the manhunt in Wisconsin last week? If you didn't...well.. it was what it sounds like... a manhunt! For some jerk who fled from Chicago and was hiding out in Madison. He had been last seen in our neck of the woods and when we tried to get home from work we were met with a police, FBI, swat team party (read:base) blocking our street. Thankfully they found him before anyone got hurt. Whew! 

Have any of you purchased from Kate Spade Saturday yet? The shipping is fast (&free!) and the quality of the things I've seen so far is great! This black and white mug is one of my favorite purchases (oh, and yes, those anthro napkins aren't to shabby either!).

 Since I feel bad for standing you all up last week I have a great recipe, DIY, and intro to a new shop this week! 

So tell me- what did I miss last week?
Anyone have some good cinco de mayo or derby parties??

xo, lp

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  1. oh my goodness, I love the bikes!!! That is awesome!

  2. WOW I'm glad they caught him... I'd be terrified. Fabulous neon bikes ;) Great pics of Chicago... I definitely need to visit one day!

  3. Oh goodness, your two weeks looked fantastic (minus the crazy cop drama). Can't wait to read what you have in store for this week. :)

  4. Those bikes are darling! What a cool workplace:) I'm excited you drove through MO, but sorry you had to visit Kansas;) Happy Monday!!!

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  7. I plan on stalking the Saturday line when I get home from work today



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