Monday, May 13, 2013


Thanks for all the love on the DIY project last week! Sometimes it's funny how the simple, quick projects end up being your favorite. Every morning when I grab my rings off the colorful tray next to my bed I smile. If you're looking for the Printstagram stickers but can't find them on the site- click HERE! 252 stickers for $10!
 Thanks to the cool people at Social Print Studio and my girl Shanna for the love on Twitter!! 


Speaking of attention, let's talk about all of you that went crazy over this necklace when I posted it on Instagram!! I'm VERY happy to say that this week one of you lucky, lucky people will get a chance to win a gorgeous gold or silver necklace... so be sure to come back later this week!

The weather has been super confused lately- with it getting down to freezing last night...but being 80 a few days before. Here's hoping this week is another gorgeous one! Last week a couple coworkers and I went over to a local A&W for lunch...few things are more refreshing than a rootbeer float on a hot sunny day!

To anyone who celebrated Mother's Day yesterday- hope you took the chance to do something special for your mothers- or your kids did something special for you! I didn't get to see my momma this year as we didn't make it back to MN, but I made sure to get a good chat with her in! Flowers always make me think of her, so I grabbed a few bunches the other day and have them all over the apartment in her honor :) 
order the awesome fleur de lys glasses from anthro HERE, the necklace from jcrew HERE, and domino HERE

What'd you do this weekend, friends?
Be sure to come back for the giveaway, you won't want to miss it!

xo, lp

pssssssssssssssst: find me on Instagram here (@lpodlich)


  1. I cannot WAIT for that giveaway–that necklace is amazing!

  2. ahh i'm so excited, i just ordered some prints from social print studio!

  3. I am joining your necklace giveaway. Hopefully, I'll be given a chance to win it, that necklace is fabulous. personalized stickers


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