Friday, May 24, 2013


 Here's the deal. 
"Bling" became an official word in the dictionary when I was in high school, and I remember just about every rapper bragged about their ridiculous oversized diamond studs and chains. Around that time I had dated a couple guys who wore pretty noticeable stud earrings, which I thought was the coolest thing on earth. My mother thought otherwise, and would say "Oh you like those boys with the Bliiiiiiiiiiing in their ears!!", and would giggle every time she said "bling". To this day, whenever I see the word I think of her. I just can't help it. 

Why am I babbling about this?
Let me get there! Patience!

There's a company called Jojo Loves you out of Boston, MA that makes a HUGE array of fun earrings that they have dubbed their "blings"! They have every color you can imagine- but my favorites are the kind of opaque-y ones that look like the Kate Spade gumdrop studs. All Swarovski crystals (not crappy plastic), they are seriously shiny. I don't like wearing too much heavy necklaces/bracelets in summer because they just get too sticky/hot- so fun earrings is definitely the way to go!
These are the BLING (hah mom) that Maggie from JoJo loves you sent me:

And now, what you all actually care about- the SALE!!
info is below- but allow me to assure you- there are about 100 colors to choose from- so if the ones in the images below aren't your jam, check out the different metallic, matte, opaque, and clear ones they offer!
Either treat yo'self to three pairs- or get one for yourself and two for some friends :)

So be sure to check out Jojo Loves You for this sale- only good this weekend!!! 

Which fun color/style would you choose?
I think the oval ones are next on my list!

xo, lp

Love them a lot? Shop their online storelike them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter!

*yep, jojo loves me sent me that pretty pink pair of bling, but the opinions, as always, are my own. not all the bling are my style, and they might not be yours, but i'm only here to share an awesome sale to a fun shop. supporting small businesses is where it's at, especially one that helps it's community. jojo loves you helped it's local boston after the marathon bombings- so you know you're buying from a quality company!*


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  2. giiiirl i love that bling!! the pink is so cute :)


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