Monday, November 11, 2013


normally on mondays i do a little instagram round up of what's been going on lately,  but i didn't really take too many pictures last week. rather than force a boring post, i figured i'd start out the week with this little guy. for those of you who already are good old friends with me on instagram you have probably seen this before, right? 
for those new to these parts, 5 weeks ago i started sharing some of my little doodles- one each friday, and i'm affectionately calling them "dotty optimisms". they're usually pretty cheesy, but you know what? they make me smile! 

if we're not already instagram buds, find me @lpodlich to see these weekly dotty optimisms (plus a plethora of other completely random snapshots of everyday in the world of an apparel merchant in wisconsin).

so going into this week: just breathe, friends. it's going to be a great week and you're going to nail that test/presentation/project/etc. i just know it!

have a great instagram account i should be following (yours, or someone else's)?
leave the handle in the comments!

xo, lp


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