Monday, February 10, 2014


 HOW is it Monday?
Whenever we go out on a Sunday night it always feels like Monday comes too soon. Ya know what I mean? 
I would complain, but this week is BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEK!
Yep. My birthday is Sunday the 16th, and Michael's is the day after. I've already started getting birthday cards in the mail from some amazing friends, and it couldn't be more heartwarming. You people know who you are- and you're awesome. Fuh real.

Alright, enough of that before I get weepy at how awesome my friends are. Done. 

Here's what's good lately:

1. Lily and Laura bracelets- these things are addicting. Thanks to the amazing 9th & Elm for sending these my way! 
 2. Dudes, Waterlogue App is the bomb. It is seriously addicting- when I first got it I spent like an hour turning photos into watercolor #notashamed
3. I don't care if the paper straw fad ever goes away, I'm always going to be on board. I recently bought some more from my #1 shop Loollipop. If you need any washi tape or straws, you must check her out!
4. Sunday night, as I mentioned, we went out to dinner with favorite friends & then hopped over to Anthropologie for their Feb Birthday private event! A few mason jars of champagne cocktails, mini cupcakes, and a photobooth later- Dani & I left with a little less money in our pocket. Dang you, Anthro! 
I snapped this shot before we went out- let's have a talk here, people.
This. Shirt.
Old Navy just won't stop getting better- and this shirt is so fab. Online images do NOT do it justice at all. It's the perfect weight and looks great buttoned up or open as well- it has little blue and red dobby like yarns, and is a STEAL of a deal. Runs true to size & is so comfy! Okay- END public service announcement...but get it! 
 5. Congrats to Heather S. for winning the amazing First Snow giveaway! Hope you love your print!

What was wonderful about your week - or what are you looking forward to this week?

xo, lp

** care to see what birthday week looks like? follow along here on instagram @lpodlich 


  1. Eek! It's your birthday week! Woop Woop! I flipping LOVE that Old Navy top. I'm SO with you when it comes to their online images; it's hard to tell what anything looks like. I'm thinking I need to hop on over to my local store and check it out. Also, I hope paper straws and washi NEVER grow old because they make me too happy.

    1. YAY birthday week! so jazzed. I thought you might like that top! I feel like it looks more Anthro than Old Navy in person- so cute :)

  2. Happy Birthday week!! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend & I love those bracelets!

  3. Yes on the paper straws and yes on the waterlogue app. That thing is hugely addicting!

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