Friday, February 28, 2014

Links to Love, Volume I

Happy Friday lovelies!

Let's start the weekend off right, shall we? Here are some of my favorite things flying around the internet right now:
1. This little girl will completely warm your heart and make you want to create something of your own!

2.  Dude, you've got 99 problems and none of them are real. An awesome article on problems & happiness (thanks to Alyssa for sharing!).

3. Snail Mail is BACK people! My girl Ashley is creating a postal revolution- want to be a part of it?

4. Oh my goodness. Ricotta + Carmelized Pear Raviloli. I die. 

5. This drawing of all the Oscar dresses every worn by Best Actress winners. Epic.

6. These pad printed bowls from West Elm are just too pretty for words!

Anything fantastic on the internet that you've seen this week?
Share away!

xo, lp


  1. I'm still smitten with that Oscar dress print! So amazing. Although it would be hilarious to have the men's version for a side-by-side comparison. That might just add to the snarky value.

    1. I said the SAME thing! hahaaha! Black tux, black tux, black tux.

  2. Thanks for including my ravioli lady! I hope you enjoy them if you try them out...Happy weekend :)

    1. of course! your recipes always look the best!

  3. Yay! Thanks for the love:) Happy Friday!!! xo

  4. I would feel weird giving someone my address online lol uhh, but that's just me. I like these kind of posts though!

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