Monday, January 12, 2015


Happy Monday, lovelies!

This weekend was a wonderful one- mainly because our PACKERS won! All my fellow green & gold fans: hope you were screaming at the TV just as loud as I was...

I haven't done an Instagram round up in a little - so here's what's good lately: 

I seriously fell off the water-drinking bandwagon- so I'm going The Everygirl 30 day challenge to drink 64 ounces daily. This water infusing bottle from UncommonGoods makes it so much easier to sip H20 all day in the winter.

Oh you guys, I love Pitch Perfect. Over the last year it has become one of my favorite movies- I can't help it. These pencils were in my stocking this Christmas, and they are just too good:

I finally took down our tree this weekend. Le Sigh. I can't wait until November so I can put these shiny gold guys right back up!!

Have you noticed how many companies and big bloggers are regramming their followers these days?
I absolutely love it, because it's a great way for me to find new people to follow on Instagram!
The other day Target regrammed my image of a bunch of their thank you notes that I own, and I did a major happy dance around the house! (I mean, 11,000 likes?!)

Also in regramming news- my favorite ladies of A Beautiful Mess regrammed one of my super OCD candy organizing photos! YES! Finally I know for sure someone else enjoys my craziness!

Let me take this time to ask all of YOU:
Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Leave their handle in the comments- I'm always looking for awesome new people to check out!

xo, lp

**and.. can find me on instagram here: @lpodlich**

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