Friday, January 9, 2015


Okay, so you've already done your shopping at ShopBop and it's time to use up your GAP giftcards!

Here's what items get my vote:

LIGHT GREY QUILT HAT: Anything with a pompom is good in my book.
DARK + LIGHT GREY QUILT POUCH: Perfect for storing your tissues, cough drops, and chapstick to get you through flu season
IVORY KNIT HAT: This just looks beyond warm & cozy!
GREY STRIPE SCARF: This scarf looks like it'll pair well with any outfit.
BLACK LEATHER TOTE: A classic everyone needs.
NAVY PLAID SCARF: A play on Blackwatch that is a total must-have.
GREY LEATHER TOTE: In case the black tote look isn't your jam.
GREY TIGHTS: Keep your skirts and dresses in the closet and just pair them with some cozy tights!
GREY LEATHER HANDLE TOTE: This is my favorite bag on the Gap site right now- those saddle color handles are the best!
GREY + BLACK GLOVE/MITTENS: Mittens that you can flip off the top so you can text? Sold.
GREY QUILTED SLIPPERS: It wouldn't be a winter list without some slippers- love these quilted guys.

If you have a Gap giftcard- what are you planning on getting with it?

xo, lp

*Psst: if you're an online shopper, you HAVE to use Ebates. Fer real, y'all. Find out more HERE*

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