Monday, April 13, 2015


Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend- here's what's good lately:
1. This page from my favorite page-a-day calendar was worthy of a prime spot on my wall at home. If you're a people pleaser- I bet you know alllll too well what it's like to put up with something (or someone) who isn't worth your time or frustration. Remember you deserve all the good things, friends!
 2. Rather than wear just one of the necklace from Rocksbox this weekend, I figured I'd layer 2 up. Aren't they gorgeous?
Remember- if you want to try Rocksbox for 50% off your first month, just go to and enter code "beautyandbeardxoxo" !

I won't try to hold any suspense over your heads- this week's recipe will be a super tasty one- AND insanely quick and easy. Get ready to get cooking!

Like I mentioned in the title of this post, I'm looking for YOUR advice!
I did a ton of spring cleaning this weekend and I have a ridiculous amount of jewelry and clothes to sell...BUT I live in an apartment, so garage sales are out of the question.

I'm wondering:
Have you ever done and online sale with a shopping website- or a "shop my closet" on Instagram or Facebook?
If you ever have I would REALLY appreciate some advice/help!
If you don't feel like sharing in the comments- PLEASE send me an email:
I know emailing someone you've never met probably sounds weird, but I promise I'll be forever grateful! :) :)

Thanks in advance for any awesome advice you might have on online sales!


pssssssssssst: let's be instagram friends! i promise to give first dibs info on there when i do sell all mah jewels & clothes!

find me here--> @lpodlich


  1. I have done both IG and Blog sales! They have both yielded the same result, meaning neither source "sold" more items. I believe when I did my first blog sale, four items sold and when I used IG the second time, five items sold. It is more of personal preference!! Can't wait to see your items!


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