Monday, June 15, 2015


Happy Monday you lovely folks!

In case you missed it yesterday, I chatted a little bit about pineapples. You know, completely normal Sunday conversation. Is Pineapple the new Peony? If you don't get that question, it just means you probably don't follow many bloggers on Instagram...which is not a bad thing, just a fact. Anyway, weigh in on that here.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This was our last weekend before Wedding Season starts up for us, so we made sure to keep it low key to keep our minds (and livers) ready for the next few weekends.

Here's what's up lately:

Oh Anthro, you suck me in with your pretty packaging every time. How perfect are those matches and that candle? Come onnnn you're killin' me here! 
Also- are you all sick of seeing this bracelet yet? It's one of the ones I kept from a recent Rocksbox and I wear it constantly. Speaking of which, stop hemming and hawing- sign up already for your FREE first box (who doesn't like free jewelry?) by going to and using code "beautyandbeardxoxo" !
FREE jewelry from rocksbox for the first month! use code beautyandbeardxoxo

An awesome coworker sent me a link to this article about it being OK to work in the Midwest. I kind of wanted to hug whoever the author is, because they really put into words what I've been thinking for years. Working in the apparel industry for a company based in Wisconsin can be hard sometimes. A lot of people (openly) tease it or look down on it- because the thought is that if you're not in NY or CA that you must just be dyyyyyyyying of boredom in such a lame place. Worth the read!

I change my phone background constantly. Does anyone else do this? I usually just crop an Instagram picture (mine or someone elses) and use that for my lock screen.
These two images below have been my summery-colorful pictures of choice lately. If you want to grab 'em for your background too just save or download the image to your computer or phone and set as wallpaper :)
summer phone backgrounds!

summer blooms
(original image here)

perfect palette
(original image here)

Okay SOMEONE reading this must have some feedback on this-- does anyone own the shop watermelon cooler? It's adorable, and cheap ($32, free shipping here)- but I'm wondering how practical it is/how much it holds? Answers pleeeeease! Leave it in a comment or email me- beautyandbeard(at)gmail(dot)com.

The MUST FOLLOW instagram account this week is @unbirthdaybakery.

I cannot get over the creativity and sheer talent coming out of Nikki Lee-- here desserts are truly a work of art- check these out!!!:
unbirthday bakery
ALL images from @unbirthdaybakery- follow her HERE!

Recipe this week will get you ready for 4th of July (it's coming up quickly, people!)
Just WAIT until you see what's inside of it!

What's good with you lately, friends?
Don't forget to shout out if you own that cooler- looking for honesty here!!

xo, lp


more images & colorful things HERE


  1. I change my home and lock screens at least every two weeks or so! And to get even more OCD....they have to color coordinate.

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