Tuesday, July 9, 2013


For those of you who are regulars around here, you're probably like "Um, what the what! It's Tuesday Laura, where's your dang recipes?"
I know, I know.
Today I'm straying from tradition because I took  ZERO pictures of anything I made this weekend. Oops.
If you're feeling deprived then go HERE for a backlog of drink & food recipes :)


So what AM I going to talk about today? Forever21. 
Like I mentioned yesterday, my new favorite shirt with zebras on it is from there. The fantastic dress I wore to a recent wedding and got tons of compliments on is from there. 

I feel like at one point I might have tried to justify making purchases from there, but quite frankly it's not even worth it. Is Forever21 full of a lot of crap? Yes, but it also has some awesome finds. So if you're a hater and you know I won't convince you, move along & come back tomorrow :)

Here are a few items I think are awesome steals:
1. This faux leather drop sleeve top is sassy and I like it. I mean, $14.80? Done. Pair it with a sparkly necklace and you're good to go.
2. I love the look of wrap bracelets, and this one is only $9. Plus it's basic black, which goes with every outfit.
3. EEP! This ceramic elephant ring holder is so dang cute. Perfect gift for a friend who just got engaged!
4. The mix of neutral tan and pink on this crossbody bag makes it the essential summer bag.
5. This light summery scarf  is just right for chilly evenings outside.
6. Triangles + gold +black = coolest makeup bag ever. 
7. Where else can you get a fun gold cutout necklace for under  $5? Seriously!
8. I grabbed a version of this color pop tee the other day & intend to wear it all summer. Nothing better than  an easy to maintain tee that have a great look to it too.
9.  LOVE this scallop bangle set. It comes in 2 color combos and is under $10. Yes and yes.
10. I totally abuse my purses. I'm convinced when it comes to purses I kind of don't deserve expensive ones. Sigh. This envelope crossbody is exactly right for everyday use, and won't break my heart when I inevitably explode lipstick inside of it.
11. Long. Basic. Gold. Necklace. No other description needed!
12 &13: I am a huge sucker for polka dots, and these $5.80 clutches are right up my alley. 
14. These geo studs are so awesome. I love the gold diamond ones! Under $3, peeps.

So have I convinced you yet? Which of these awesome 14 finds under $20 will you snag?

xo, lp


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