Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SUPER BOWL SNACKS: 9 easy recipes any crowd would love!

I almost didn't do a Super Bowl food post this year because my heart is so bummed about the Packers not being there this year!

BUT, just because my team isn't in it to win doesn't mean there still can't be a great Super Bowl Party, right?!?

Here are 9 super easy recipes to make that are sure to please any crowd. They're all way more fun to bring to a party than packages chips or crackers, I promise!
While they're all vegetarian friendly, carnivores will love them just as much :)

SRIRACHA CREAM CHEESE WONTONS (+spicy soy dipping sauce): Who doesn't like cream cheese wontons? These are great because you can make them less spicy for the wimps in your friend group (kidding!) or EXTRA spicy for those who like a little kick!

HOT OR COLD BRUSCHETTA: I know, bruschetta is totally NOT a typical football food- but I promise if you make these they'll disappear. Enough bread to soak up the beer you're drinking, but there's nothing fried or overly greasy to give ya a stomach ache!

FRESH GUACAMOLE: I mean, do I need to justify guac? No? Good.

BAKED EDAMAME 3 WAYS: These little buggers are freaking addicting. This recipe has 3 different flavors so everyone will find something they like.

BLEU CHEESE & CRANBERRY WONTONS: Bring these and people will talk about them more than the game. But fuh real. Creamy, crunchy, tart perfection!

CHEESE STUFFED JALAPENOS: Love spicy stuff? Look no further.

GARLIC PARMESAN POPCORN: Nothing is more addicting than popcorn, amiright? 

CROCKPOT SPINACH DIP: The great part about this recipe is you just get to throw it all in the Crockpot and let it go. #win

WHITE CHEDDAR CAYENNE POPCORN: I stand by my popcorn statement above...

What snack are you going to have at your Super Bowl party?
Be sure to share pictures of the great food on Instagram!!

xo, lp

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Valentines day is coming UP y'all!
I know, I know. A lot of people hate this holiday, or think it's useless- I totally get it.
But see... my birthday is 2 days after V-day, so I've always loved it since I was a kid- because it was almost like a pre-birthday celebration!

If you're on the "loving Valentine's Day team", here are some FABULOUS accessories (all with free shipping)  to help you celebrate the day:

KATE SPADE PHONE CASES: I mean, I would use these things year'round- not just during February...

L O V E LIGHT UP SIGN: The perfect home accessory for the twenty to thirty something to have!

PALE PINK COIN & CARD PURSE: I mean, again this would be great year'round- but would be EXTRA perfect out on a Valentine's Date!

HEARTBREAKER COIN PURSE: This one is a little more theme-y than the last- but I love that it's blue so not to be overly girly...

HEART STUD EARRINGS: Um, one of each color, please?

HEART WATCH: What really gets me is that the minute hand is an arrow- COME ON!

If you had to grab one of these sweet V-day treats, which one would you take?
That Rebecca Minkoff coin & card purse is calling my name!

xo, lp

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Ooooh friends- do I have a great treat for you today! 
Feast your eyes on THESE babies:

These ice cream sandwiches are the perfect Valentine's treat- whether you're making them for you favorite girlfriends, you significant other, or even your kids! 
They're made with some homemade M&M cookies, ice cream, and LOTS of sprinkles....

What you'll need to make it happen:
-Valentine's Sprinkles (I got mine from Target)
- Ice cream 
- M&M Cookies (recipe makes 2 dozen cookies - 1 dozen sandwiches):
1 1/8 cup flour  ::   1/2 tsp salt :: 1/2 tsp baking soda :: 1 cup Valentine's M&Ms
1/2 cup brown sugar ::  1/4 cup granulated sugar :: 1 large egg :: 1 stick unsalted butter  :: 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Bake your cookies! (Cream sugars & butter until mixed. Add egg and vanilla & mix. Add flour, salt, baking soda & mix. Stir in M&Ms. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees)
Step 2: LET YOUR COOKIES COOL COMPLETELY. No really. If you don't wait, your ice cream will melt errywhere- and NO one wants that, right?
Step 3: Take 1 cookie- scoop about 1/3 cup ice cream on it, and press down with another cookie
Step 4: Roll in sprinkles, and put back in freezer right away.
Step 5: Bring out again right before you're ready to serve!

Oh man these things are good! Plus, if you don't need 1 dozen sandwiches- then just eat the cookies on their own :)
Looking for other Valentine's Recipes?

xo, lp

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Monday, January 19, 2015


Oh Monday.
At least you're not Sunday.

Any other Packers fans out there totally mourning yesterday's loss? Sigh.
Can we just skip the Super Bowl and have it be mid- February? Please?

SPEAKING of Mid-February, the countdown is on until our birthdays over here. Per usual, Michael could care less about his birthday, and I'm geeking out about mine! 

Here's what's good lately:

I was cleaning out my closet this weekend and did a major clothes/jewelry purge- and realized I own a LOT of sparkly bracelets/necklaces- here's my 3 current favorites:

(You can get the round amazing one HERE and the leaf looking one HERE)

While I don't mind buying bracelets that are super cheap like the ones above- my favorite purchase in the last few months is this Michael Kors watch. I wear it daily...and get compliments daily too! 
Also- no surprise I'm wearing buffalo check again in this picture, right?
(you can get the watch HERE -- with free supa supa fast shipping!)

If you follow me on Instagram you saw me profess my love for Amy Poehler/Tina Fey/Mindy Kaling/Ellen DeGeneres. I have all of their books and it's seriously like you can hear them speak while you read it! I got "Yes Please" for Christmas and it is SO. GOOD.
(If you don't live near a Target, or are too lazy to get to a store- you can order it HERE!)

Tomorrow's recipe post includes a TON of these.......

Get excited, people.

How was your weekend? 
Seattle fans, please remain silent this week, mmmkay?

xo, lp

****Also: if you don't already use Ebates- what the eff are you waiting for? I know their commercials look spammy, but it's seriously the bomb. If you're like me and do most of your shopping online, you've gotta sign up HERE (yes it's free!).

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Monday, January 12, 2015


Happy Monday, lovelies!

This weekend was a wonderful one- mainly because our PACKERS won! All my fellow green & gold fans: hope you were screaming at the TV just as loud as I was...

I haven't done an Instagram round up in a little - so here's what's good lately: 

I seriously fell off the water-drinking bandwagon- so I'm going The Everygirl 30 day challenge to drink 64 ounces daily. This water infusing bottle from UncommonGoods makes it so much easier to sip H20 all day in the winter.

Oh you guys, I love Pitch Perfect. Over the last year it has become one of my favorite movies- I can't help it. These pencils were in my stocking this Christmas, and they are just too good:

I finally took down our tree this weekend. Le Sigh. I can't wait until November so I can put these shiny gold guys right back up!!

Have you noticed how many companies and big bloggers are regramming their followers these days?
I absolutely love it, because it's a great way for me to find new people to follow on Instagram!
The other day Target regrammed my image of a bunch of their thank you notes that I own, and I did a major happy dance around the house! (I mean, 11,000 likes?!)

Also in regramming news- my favorite ladies of A Beautiful Mess regrammed one of my super OCD candy organizing photos! YES! Finally I know for sure someone else enjoys my craziness!

Let me take this time to ask all of YOU:
Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? Leave their handle in the comments- I'm always looking for awesome new people to check out!

xo, lp

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Friday, January 9, 2015


Okay, so you've already done your shopping at ShopBop and J.Crew...now it's time to use up your GAP giftcards!

Here's what items get my vote:

LIGHT GREY QUILT HAT: Anything with a pompom is good in my book.
DARK + LIGHT GREY QUILT POUCH: Perfect for storing your tissues, cough drops, and chapstick to get you through flu season
IVORY KNIT HAT: This just looks beyond warm & cozy!
GREY STRIPE SCARF: This scarf looks like it'll pair well with any outfit.
BLACK LEATHER TOTE: A classic everyone needs.
NAVY PLAID SCARF: A play on Blackwatch that is a total must-have.
GREY LEATHER TOTE: In case the black tote look isn't your jam.
GREY TIGHTS: Keep your skirts and dresses in the closet and just pair them with some cozy tights!
GREY LEATHER HANDLE TOTE: This is my favorite bag on the Gap site right now- those saddle color handles are the best!
GREY + BLACK GLOVE/MITTENS: Mittens that you can flip off the top so you can text? Sold.
GREY QUILTED SLIPPERS: It wouldn't be a winter list without some slippers- love these quilted guys.

If you have a Gap giftcard- what are you planning on getting with it?

xo, lp

*Psst: if you're an online shopper, you HAVE to use Ebates. Fer real, y'all. Find out more HERE*

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hopefully you picked something up for me while you were at it....!

Now for you lucky folks with ShopBop giftcards- here are the top picks for you: 

KATE SPADE CARD HOLDER: Perfect snazzy start to the new year

MARC JACOBS BANGLE: I mean, gold goes with everything, right?

KATE SPADE PHONE CASE: Phone case AND a card holder- love anything that can do double duty!

BOOKS WITH STYLE: KSNY: I got this book for my birthday a while back and it is beyond fabulous.

ADIA KIBUR EARRINGS: I repeat: gold goes with everything, right?

REBECCA MINKOFF POUCH: Saving coins never looked so cute!

BAN.DO STICKY NOTES: I'm getting these and putting them on all my coworkers computer screens with notes. Because...why not?

NIXON WATCH: I'm pretty sure this watch matches every outfit ever. Just sayin'.

MARC JACOBS EARRINGS: This punchy pop of teal is so great during a gloomy winter!

SOLUDOS AQUA SHOES: Besides the fact that they're beyond comfy, this bright green shade is perfection.

If you got a ShopBop giftcard this holiday season- what will you be getting with it?
C'mon, let me shop vicariously through you!

xo, lp

PSST: get a j.crew giftcard? shop the "what to get w/that gift card: j.crew edition" HERE!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Oh, giftcards.
There are two camps of people out there: 
The people that HATE getting giftcards because they think they're impersonal and "too easy"
The people that LOVE getting giftcards, because they know no matter what, they can buy what they like.

Both are valid...but I find myself in the latter of the two these days. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE gifts when they are thoughtful and from someone who knows me SO well that I get all weepy when I open them - but if someone doesn't know me very well, I'd rather get a giftcard than a random gift that I will inevitably give to Goodwill within the month.
To me they say: Hey Laura! I think you're neat! I'd like to get you a gift to SHOW you you're neat, but...well...I don't want to mess it all up, so here's a giftcard to a store I know you like!"

Win. Win.

So for those of you out there with giftcards after the holiday season: This week is dedicated to you.
Posts to help you get your shop on, starting off with J.Crew:

Here's what I'm loving lately:

GOLD STRIPE POUCH: The gold trend better not go away, I love it too much. 

GOLD DIAMOND BRACELET: See above comment.

NEW IPHONE CASE: I'll take one of each, please.

STRIPED HAT: This'll look cute on everyone. I'm convinced. 

PINCH MINIEMERGENCY KIT: Everything you could ever need in a pinch!

INSTAX CAMERA: I got one of these for Xmas last year and it's my favorite thing ever.

GOLD HANDLE MUG: I mean, think of all the coffee holding selfies you could take with this...!

STATEMENT EARRINGS: Sparkly with a perfect pop of neon

GEO BLANKET: Um...since when does J.Crew do blankets?!? Love.

DOWNING TOTE: Solid Madewell knockoff, J.Crew. Well done!

 Anyone out there get a J.Crew giftcard this year?
If so, what are you going to get with it??

xo, lp

*Psst: if you're an online shopper, you HAVE to use Ebates. Fer real, y'all. Find out more HERE*

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A YEAR IN REVIEW (and in rainbow order) ON INSTAGRAM

Oh my goodness you guys...it's 2015.

I mean, I'm happy about it because "new year/blank slate/exciting things to look forward to" and everything...but...I REALLY hate odd numbers.

If you've been around this blog for long enough, you know I feel this way, because I probably ranted about it in 2013 too.
I don't wanna be 27! Can't we just skip to 2016 already? Please?

Anyway- 2014 was a fabulous year.
It was a year of great travels, promotions, weddings, and new friendships-- all of which were captured on Instagram, of course.
Here's the year in review, if you were someone who followed me on Instagram- (with the breakdown below):
1. It was the year of "holding things up to white walls": I don't know why I feel compelled to do this, but the paper straw fad REALLY got me excited to share what I was sipping on, I guess. Holy shit, looking at this now I realize I need to go make myself a Brandy Slush, stat.

2. It was the year of "I still think this #ootd angle is faaaabuuulouss": This could also be titled "the year I proved that I am single-handedly keeping the Old Navy flat buyer in business"

3. It was the year of "HAAAAAYYYY EVERYONE LOOK I'M HAVING A GOOD HAIRDAY". Yup. Curls for the girls. Er. Whatever. Also: My hair drastically changes color throughout the year. Or, maybe that's just my terrible photoediting skills?

4. It was the year of "#everythinginrainboworder": Ah yes, the year you all learned of my rainbow OCD ordering problem. Can't stop, won't stop.

5. It was the year of "Everyone please move to Wisconsin, it's super duper gorgeous": but really guys. Please move here. We could all have cocktails together (with paper straws + hold them up against white walls, duh).

Now, for you fools who still questions my rainbow order OCD, here's my favorite snaps from 2014, in... OMFG YOU GUESSED IT...rainbow order.

xo, lp

thanks for being amazing in 2014 gang, can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us
if you don't follow me on instagram (@lpodlich) , DO IT. make it your 2015 resolution! you know you want to see endless rainbow ordered candy pictures, YOU KNOW YOU DO!

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