Monday, June 30, 2014


 Oh Monday, I'm not in the mood for you today.
I would REALLY like to still be in Minnesota, relaxing next to the lake with my family. But noooo, you just have to show up and ruin that, don't you?


HEY friends! Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.
M & I took a long weekend to go back to the Twin Cities so we could spend some much needed time with family and friends. We went to a friend's concert downtown, drank more than we should have, and relaxed by the lake with the family. So. Perfect.
Here are some other things that have been good lately:

I'm not big on the Instagram #selfie game, but I fully believe in documenting good hair days. And good necklace days:

Endless doodling, per usual:

Gorgeous flowers from my momma:

A new makeup bag to bring my travel essentials (especially this Skin Savior!):

 People, I can't stop buying things with Anchors on them. It's a problem.

Tomorrow's recipe will NOT disappoint. It's a brie + apple pizza that you'll end up making ALL summer, promise.

So tell me friends- 
What's good with you lately?
Anyone else still wishing it was the weekend?

xo, lp


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Oh friends, you're going to thank me for this recipe post.
Ice Cream Sandwiches.

These are a little labor intensive, and a little messy, but they are gooo-ooood.
Here's what you'll need to make it happen (makes 12 sandwiches):

for the sandwiches:
-Chocolate or vanilla ice cream
- Crushed heath bars

for the cookies:
1 cup flour   //  1/2 teaspoon salt  //  1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup granulated sugar  //  1/3 cup brown sugar  //  1 stick butter  
 1 large egg // 2 teaspoons vanilla  // 1 cup chopped heath

How to make it happen:

Step 1: Bake your cookies & let them cool! (mix butter/sugars - combine with egg/vanilla - stir in flour/salt/baking soda - add in heath - bake at 350 for 10 minutes)

Step 2: Get your ice cream out of the freezer and let thaw for 5 minutes. While it's thawing, get a plate of crushed Heath ready!

Step 3: Add a large scoop of softened ice cream to one cookie and place another on top, GENTLY pressing down until the ice cream starts to come out of the sides!

Step 4: Smooth the ice cream out around the edges with a knife or spoon until flush with the cookies.

Step 5: Roll in crushed Heath, and get them back to the freezer right away!

Step 6: Wait 45 min- 1 hour to harden completely, and enjoy!

1. REALLY let your cookies cool completely. Don't be impatient. Your ice cream will melt alllll over if they are even slightly warm!
2. Do these 1 at a time and put each one in the freezer right away- otherwise you'll have a melty sandwich mess on your hands!
3. For the love of all that is good- remember to put your ice cream away when you're done.
No, really.
I finished making my sandwiches and got a call on my phone upstairs so I ran to answer it- and got completely off track..legit forgetting my open ice cream...melting allll over. Hey, just keepin' it real over here!

And here they are, in their finished product glory.
Creamy, crunchy, sweet, buttery.
So delicious!

 So now that you know my favorite ice cream treat- I have to know, what's yours?
Bonus points if it involves Heath :)

xo, lp


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Monday, June 16, 2014


Another Monday is here, friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend- and celebrated Father's Day to the fullest. Clearly my dad is the best dad ever, but I'm sure yours are pretty great too ;-)

Here's what's good lately:

Another day, another candy to rainbow order:

The SWEETEST coworker brought me some peonies after I mentioned missing my mom's gardens & my love for the flowers. Serious sweetness!

Michael and I jumped on over to Milwaukee for a day trip on Saturday- the weather was disgustingly perfect! We toured Lakefront brewery, hung out in the Third Ward, and enjoyed some great bites at Trocadero. This was my favorite sight of the day, though:

Enough about the past, let's look forward, shall we?
Tomorrow's recipe post is a MAJOR winner. Just you wait. MMMmmmm-mmm.

Tell me about your weekend, friends!
Anyone pull out embarrassing pictures of their dads in jean shorts like I did?

xo, lp


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Thursday, June 12, 2014


I haven't done an outfit post in foreeeeeeeeever. 
So I figured it was time to throw a little summer up in this joint and share a look that is positively perfect for this sunny + 75 degree weather!
For the details:
DRESS: Colorful and playful with a back that packs a BIG surprise!
HAT: I mean, come on! Floppy summer hat? Classic.
SHOES: Oh Asos, well done. With a dress or with skinny jeans, these are an A+
BAG: Can someone please grab me this Madewell beaut with my monogram on it? K thanks.
EARRINGS: Kate, you can do no wrong. Especially not in turquoise.
PHONE CASE: Again, kudos, Kate
TANNER: St. Tropez is the only non-stick, non-orange bronzer I've found.
LIPSTICK: Have this Revlon shade & love it for summer!
POLISH: Only in summer can you get away with lime green nails, and you should!

Would you wear this extra-bright outfit this summer?
If not, that bag is still pretty fabulous!

xo, lp

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Happy Summer, you beautiful people!

In case I haven't given you enough options for summer cocktails in the past, I figure I'd throw another one your way. This is a great drink to make for a big crowd- but can be scaled down for single serving as well. Despite the fact that it's fruity- it's surprisingly not super-duper sweet. To be honest, I don't really know what's ACTUALLY in sangria...but because this includes fruit steeping in booze, I'm gonna classify it as just that :)
 What you'll need to make it happen:
-1 Bottle Sweet White Wine (I used Barefoot Moscato)
- 1/2 cup Triple Sec
- 1 cup vodka (I used plain Svedka)
- 1 lemon
- 1 large orange
- handful of strawberries & raspberries, chopped
- Sprite or 7 up

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Mix all ingredient but the Sprite together in a bowl or pitcher, including the fruit
Step 2: Add ice to a glass & fill 3/4 full of the sangria mixture
Step 3: Fill glass with ice & garnish with fruit & a lovely straw!
Step 4: ENJOY!

Clearly serving this in a mason jar is the right way to go....

 What's your crowd-pleasing summer drink of choice?
If anyone has a great Sangria recipe, I'd love to try it!

xo, lp

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Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy Monday lovelies!

Hope you all had a fabulous, long weekend. Michael has been gone since last Wednesday, and having him back is pretty fabulous.  While the cat was away the mice did play, though- a ladies night that ended with a half barefoot walk home by one of the parties involved. Not naming names...

Here's what's good lately:

1. Yup, I bought a popsicle doormat. Perfectly normal purchase for a 26 year old, right?
2. I can't express how much I love getting flowers. Especially when they're a surprise from a guest!
 3. Last week's #dottyoptimism was a simple one, but a favorite!!
4. Tomorrow's recipe is a perfect-for-a-sunny-summer-day drink!

So tell me friends- what's been good lately on your end?
Surprise someone with flowers this week- make their day!

xo, lp

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Here's today's recipe, and it comes with a story...
Summer Drink

Back in my college bartender days there was a time I was working that a middle-aged guy came in and asked for a Salty Dog.
Me, being 19 (yes, you can bartend before 21 in Wisconsin) giggled and asked what he REALLY wanted, since I thought he was joking.
He looked at me, puzzled...and repeated that he wanted a Salty Dog. My giggles quickly turned to embarrassment- and I ducked behind the cabinet to find my cheater-cocktail guide.
It was just Gin & Grapefruit juice with a salted rim. 
At the time I thought "Ew. That sounds like the WORST thing ever!" 
(Keep in mind this was my raspberry vodka & sprite phase days...yick)
So I made him the drink, and promptly went home that night to make one for myself to try it out- and it was deee-lish. Super tart, with a bite of gin and a lick of salt.
I'd completely forgotten about the refreshing drink until the other day, when I heard someone order it in a bar. I decided it was time to go home and put a little twist on this classic by adding some of the fresh basil we had growing on our balcony. Thus, I give you the Basil Salty Dog.
Summer Cocktail

What you need to make it happen:
- 1.5 ounces Gin 
- Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
- Grapefruit wedge
- salt
- 3-4 basil leaves
- grapefruit wedge & small basil leaf for garnish
- ice

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Dip the rim of a glass in grapefruit juice, and roll in salt for a salted rim.
Step 2: Muddle 1 grapefruit wedge with a splash of gin & 3-4 basil leaves. Be careful not to muddle the pith/rind of the grapefruit or you'll get extra bitterness!
Step 3: Add ice, gin, and grapefruit juice to the glass.
Step 4: give it a stir, add your garnish, and enjoy!
Basil Grapefruit Gin

There you have it, friends.
I know grapefruit juice is a polarizing drink...but I mean, it's summertime. Even you naysayers might be moved to try this because it's so dang refreshing!

Raise your hand if you love a good cocktail with grapefruit!
Or if you don't- leave a comment with your favorite summer cocktail!

xo, lp

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Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello lovelies!

After a week off (again...I know...) I'm here to explode your internet with lots of pictures. Enjoy, friends:

The other weekend Michael & I went to Galena, Illinois for some good old fashioned Americana time:

We tried to camp but couldn't get a site, so we just roasted s'mores over tealights...

Aaaand last weekend we went to ANOTHER small town- in Wisconsin this time. We drove to see the farm Michael's grandpa was born on...which happens to be on a road named after their family. Clearly we had to get a good photo:

Other good things lately include fresh squeezed grapefruit juice...

....and bright pink lips & curls...

...aaaand rainbow ordering candy, per usual.

 And now, to finish this random catch-up post- here is the sneak peek to tomorrow's recipe post.
It's one you definitely won't want to miss!

So what's good lately, friends?
Anyone else doing some road-tripping lately?

xo, lp

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