Thursday, June 12, 2014


I haven't done an outfit post in foreeeeeeeeever. 
So I figured it was time to throw a little summer up in this joint and share a look that is positively perfect for this sunny + 75 degree weather!
For the details:
DRESS: Colorful and playful with a back that packs a BIG surprise!
HAT: I mean, come on! Floppy summer hat? Classic.
SHOES: Oh Asos, well done. With a dress or with skinny jeans, these are an A+
BAG: Can someone please grab me this Madewell beaut with my monogram on it? K thanks.
EARRINGS: Kate, you can do no wrong. Especially not in turquoise.
PHONE CASE: Again, kudos, Kate
TANNER: St. Tropez is the only non-stick, non-orange bronzer I've found.
LIPSTICK: Have this Revlon shade & love it for summer!
POLISH: Only in summer can you get away with lime green nails, and you should!

Would you wear this extra-bright outfit this summer?
If not, that bag is still pretty fabulous!

xo, lp

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  1. Kate Spade is the best. :) I love that dress and hat!


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