Friday, June 28, 2013


I'm slowly but surely starting a washi I decided to put some of the red & blue to good use!

Yesterday The Washi Blog featured my 4th of July washi straws- and I figured I should share a few more super easy red/white/blue crafts :)

The 4 super easy crafts are as follows:
1. Patriotic Planner
2. 4th of July straws
3. Cupcake party flags
4. USA cups

#1: Patriotic Planner:
I am a planner hoarder, and the one I got from Target a little while back had its gold stripes wearing off. I figured and little makeover was in order with a few strips of red and blue washi:

#2: 4th of July straws:
Paper straws are cute enough already, but adding these little flags makes them even better! Just fold over, cut out a triangle, and you're good to go.

#3: Cupcake Party Flags:
These are the easiest ever. I mean, just little triangles on toothpicks? Definitely going to be making these for every holiday there is!

#4: USA Party Cups:
The possibilities are endless here, but I went with a simple USA flag and some fun fireworks! If you're having a small get together, making a different design for each guest could be a great way to differentiate whose glass is whose!

If you're looking for more fun washi ideas, you have to check out The Washi Blog!

Have any fun 4th of July decorating tips?
Feel free to share my friends!

xo, lp 

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes this blog has to be more than boozy recipes and pretty Instagram shots, you know?

(photo taken by louisa marion photography)

A little bit ago Ashley shared this post - starting a weekly "Currently" post in the style of the lovely Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. Still following me here? Basically the point is you do a weekly check in to what is going on/how you're feeling. Now, this won't be a weekly post for me- but I figured you all might care even a smidgen what's going on in my here goes:

FEELING: Ready for the weekend. Ya dig? 

READING: The new Martha magazine. Is it a book? No, but it is full of so much summer goodness! I'm a Martha mag hoarder. I can't ever bring myself to recycle them. Too pretty!

LISTENING TO: Thunder. That's not some cool new band name, I really mean thunder. It's been storming all week here and I've been waking up a few times a night to thunder and lightening and pounding rain. Half relaxing, half terrifying.

THANKFUL FOR: A recent surprise gift from Michael. Nothing fancy or elaborate- but a replacement for something I had emotional ties to that was falling apart. Well done, M. Well done.

THINKING ABOUT: MOVING. Gah. We move into our new apartment in 3 weeks and it cannot come soon enough. I am so ready to be out of our crappy building and into a place with more space, in a better area. Let the decorating plans begin!

EATING: Copious amounts of pesto. Our basil plant grows at a ridiculous rate, so I've been making pesto 1-2 times a week for pasta or flatbread. So so so much garlic. Since we're on the topic of garlic, I currently reek of it from the guac I just made. Not mad about it.

WATCHING: Master Chef. Dudes, I love this show. I love how harsh Gordon Ramsay is. I love how ridiculously stuck up Joe Bastianich is. I love how Graham Elliot is kind of the third wheel. I love making fun of that Beth idiot that sobs all the time. 

LOVING: THIS  necessary summer shirt, THIS  perfect everyday bracelet, THIS miracle working self tanner, and THIS bomb diggity lucite jewelry/makeup container.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The wedding we're going to this weekend. Besides the obvious joy of seeing two pretty friends who love each other get married, I'm also a big fan of dressing up. And seeing Michael dress up. Sorry in advance for the inevitable amount of Instagram shots. 

Now it's YOUR turn!!

Either answer one of these in the comment sections, 

or do a post of your own!

xo ,lp

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PATRIOTIC FROZEN PUNCH (just 2 ingredients!)

Soooooo this is by far the EASIEST "recipe" I've ever posted on the blog...but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve sharing! It only takes 2 ingredients to make this sucker, and not only does it look good- but it tastes good too!

What you'll need:
- Red, Blue (+ white if you want) freezies
- Vodka

Garnishes- Paper Straws & Washi Tape

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Separate your frozen icees into bowls- Somehow I dumped a few yellow icees in the white bowl. Oops.
Step 2: Mash them up! 
Step 3: Add an EQUAL amount of vodka to each bowl. Now, it depends on the size of your icees- but I did about 1 tablespoon per 2 small icees. 
Step 4: Throw all the bowls in the freezer to harden as much as possible
Step 5: Begin to layer! Now here's the key if you want it to look really pretty: Make sure you add one color, put the glass in the freezer to freeze. THEN add your next color. If you don't do this all your colors will blend together. I learned this the hard way with the first round of red + white. Oops again. 
Step 6: Put into the freezer until you're ready to enjoy!
 If you want individual size, make these in smaller glasses. 
If you're into sharing, put in a larger glass or bowl and serve with multiple straws!
 Take pictures quickly- otherwise it'll turn into a purple mess....
Like this: 

Yeah, not pretty- but tastes delicious!

I fully intend to make a rainbow version of this in the future. Because it'll be lovely. Tacky, but lovely.

This isn't the only 4th of July treat I have up my sleeve...come back next week for another red/white/blue drink! 

What will you be sipping on this 4th?
I'm always game for a new cocktail recipe!

xo, lp

Monday, June 24, 2013


Whatup team.

The weather is truly summer like. 85+ and thunderstorming daily. Yes, thunderstorming is now officially a word. Normally I love storms, but me and mah new car are terrified of hail. And wind. And flying tree branches. Boo.

Here's what's been going on lately:

I own too many big necklaces. Someone stop me:
 shirt (on major clearance)  //  necklace

We had a little work get-to-know you at the Terrace the other night. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect sunset!

You better believe I'm ready for the 4th of July! I have a ton of plans for fun snacks and drinks...and put my red & blue washi to good use this weekend- crafts on the blog soon!

Sunday was THE perfect pool day. Oh my goodness. So. Much. Sun. Michael stole my pool floatie like a big jerk:

I also spent some time editing photos of my GORGEOUS friend Dani for the launch of her new blog & business site. Yes I like to take pictures. Even if my sister is the professional- with a model like Dani, you kind of can't go wrong. I mean, come on:

And finally... like I mentioned, I'm ready for the 4th. Here's the recipe for tomorrow. It's the easiest one I've ever posted, but that doesn't mean it's not deeeee-licious...

What did you do this weekend everyone?
Pool time? Work? Picnics? Weddings?
Tell me something good!

xo, lp

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

#nomnom PLATES.

Before you go all "Hey Laura, 2008 called and wants its catchphrase back" ... let me just say...well...okay fine. You're right. Go ahead and say it. Nevertheless, I still am amused if I see a meme with a tiny rabbit eating a huge carrot or something like this:

Yup, still gets me. As if I'm still living in the "Ihazcheezburger", I use the word "nom" all the time. So when I was bored one afternoon with some plates from Goodwill and a Porcelain pen- what did I do?
I made some #nom  plates.

This project cost me grand total of $1.38. Crate & Barrel plates for $0.69 each from Goodwill, and the Porcelaine pen from my friend Lindsay. Bam. I just scrubbed the plates, dried them, and started writing!
Once baked in the oven- the Porcelaine pens are food safe, so head to your local craft store to find one.

The finished products!
They fit perfectly together. Now I just have to find the right friend to give them to...

Anyone else made any quirky crafts lately?
...or know anyone that would like these #nom plates?

xo, lp



My original intent was to create a .gif. 
Problem 1: I have no idea how to do that.
Problem 2: I don't have Photoshop or a Mac, which is what Google says you need to make one. 

So, for fun Pinterest purposes, I give you this:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Two things made this post come together:

1. Michael is obsessed with pineapple, and we have had one in our fridge at all times this summer. It was begging to be used in a cocktail!
2. Back when we lived in Virginia for some reason we'd randomly get Mike's Harder Lemonade tallboys. Yeah. White trashy, I know. Legit just really strong alcoholic flavored lemonade sugar bombs. Feeling nostalgic, I got classy the other day and bought a couple of the regular lemon Mike's Hard Lemonade, and decided those were ALSO begging to be used in a cocktail.

Thus, this fizzy pineapple lemon punch was born. This drink is great because it's fruity and refreshing without being cloyingly sweet. The fizz from the Mike's Hard Lemonade makes it light & lovely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

What you'll need to make it happen:
1/2 cup fresh pineapple (+extra for garnish)
1.5 ounces vodka
1/3 cup Mike's Hard Lemonade
Ice + Mint for garnish

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Mash your 1/2 cup pineapple up. Either use a food processor- or do it in a bootleg way like I did- with a potato masher. There should be a lot of juice extracted!
Step 2: Pour your vodka, pineapple smash, and Mike's into a shaker with ice. Shake well!
Step 3: Pour into a lovely glass- garnish with pineapple chunks, mint, and a fun straw!

 (if you're looking for fun paper straws, I buy mine from an Etsy shop called Loollipop. Find them here!)

Simple, right? 
I think a GREAT way to serve this to a big group would be in a huge punch bowl- with plenty of pineapple chunks and ice!
Or, if you're going small scale there's something about serving a cocktail in a pretty glass .... and these fleur-de-lys juice glasses from Anthro are my favorite. Sorry in advance if you see a bunch of them in cocktail posts this summer:)

Any great fresh fruit cocktails up your sleeve?
Share them with me- or leave your Pinterest handle in the comments so I can see what summer drinks are inspiring you these days!

xo, lp

Looking for another yummy cocktail recipes? Try my Orange Ginger Mojitos!

(this post in NO way was sponsored by Mike's. I just figured it would be a good cocktail base. Yup.)

Monday, June 17, 2013


Mmmk. So here's what's been happening lately:

1. Sometimes, friends know just how to make you feel good. My girl Dani made dinner and this kick butt cookie cake as a congrats on the promotion I mentioned last week. Like, who does that? And rather than just having the cake say "congrats" it said:

2. I wish I could link to these neon yellow flats so everyone I know could own them, but I got them at an Old Navy outlet. Bummer. They are the best shoes I own, I think. Also: please note M's basil plant. Giant.

3. As if enough exciting things weren't already going on- I bought my first real NEW car this weekend. EEP! It's dark grey and pretty and I love it. Is it wrong to want to hug your car? Probably.

4. My STUNNING sister Louisa was in town this weekend. Oh geez. So much amazing sister time! Isn't she lovely? 

5. This post would be pages long if I told you about all the fun things we did, but probably the most mature thing was getting Tattly fake tattoos. I'm totally scared about getting a real tattoo - but having a fake one for a few days kind of rocked.  

6. On a completely unrelated note, I've decided this is the perfect summer necklace to wear with a plain white tee. Tulle has a ton of great necklaces under $25, but this baby is my favorite!
7. Since you all know I enjoy teasing you about what Tuesday recipe is on its's what is coming your way tomorrow:::

Random other sidenotes:
1. Happy Father's Day AGAIN to my dad, the best daddy out there
2. CONGRATS to my friend Sam, who found out she'll be having a baby boy in October!

What good things did you do this weekend, friends?
Fake tattoos, anyone?

xo, lp

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Fancies #64: Wedding Wear

Let's talk weddings.
This summer we were invited to....6 I think? This of course means I take that as an excuse to buy a bunch of new dresses. You know, like any responsible adult would do.

I am in love with the look of these jacquard dresses. Totally flattering shape, hitting you right at your natural waist- and an array of colors to choose from. That with a slight texture? Perfection. Oh, and for under $45? I'll take all 3, thanks.

Look 2: Blinged Out Babe (yes I said blinged out) :  Light Blue Jacquard dress /// J.Crew Factory necklace // Kenneth Jay Waterfall Earrings

Look 3: Watermelon Woman (ok these names are going downhill fast): Light Coral Jacquard Dress // Gorjana Triangle necklace // Loren Hope Petra earrings

Looking at these now together I realize they have a Disney Princess Belle-Cinderella-Ariel thing going on. Oops. So for all you 80s/90s kids who were Disney obsessed, make your bridesmaids wear these. It would be awesome (read: sad). 

Do you have a go-to wedding outfit?
Mix it up with one of these dressed this summer! 

xo, lp

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Remind me again WHY I live in a town without a Madewell?

When I got the email about Madewell's new arrivals the other day I couldn't pick just one favorite item. So, like a true hoarder I've collected a grouping of my top 15. Yes, 15. I couldn't narrow down. Oops.

Here they are!
1. Perfect Patterned Pouches: In order of awesomeness: chambray dots, nautical stripes, and fruity fresh.

2. Light & Lovely Tanks: I can't put these in order of awesomeness. I just need one of each. Minty dots, black & floral, and bold cobalt.

3. Simple & Sleeveless: Basic, sleeveless tops are necessary for summer so you can just grab one & go, knowing it'll match whatever you have on. Get bright coral, light chambray, or basic white to go with a great summer tan!

4. Textured Tops: Okay, so I lied and only 2 have texture, but the first floral-y pattern one has enough going on that it doesn't need anything else to it! Love the ladylike eyelet and the fluorescent lace number too.

5. I have a tan/camel bag that I bring everywhere in the summer. It's a little beat up and these three bags are on my watch list. Basic brown, stripes, and colorful blue are all lookin' good.

Which of the Madewell new arrivals are you going to make your own?

xo, lp

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's summer, which means it's mojito season!
Normally I stick to beer, wine, and whiskey- but come summertime I can absolutely break those rules for a delicious, refreshing, slightly fruity drink. Not that a classic mojito isn't great or anything, but like most good recipes: I used what I had around- which in this case was oranges instead of limes, and ginger ale instead of sprite or soda water. 
And thus, the orange ginger mojito was born:

What you'll need:
1/2  can ginger ale
2 ounces white rum
1 ounces triple sec
1/2 an orange, sliced
8-10 mint leaves
2 teaspoons sugar (or simple syrup)
lots of ice + fun straws
 How to make it happen:
1. Muddle a slice of orange with your sugar and mint.
2. Add your ice, triple sec, and rum.
3. Transfer into another glass or cover and shake to mix up your mint leaves.
4. Add another slice of orange and top with ginger ale.
5. Garnish with some mint & a slice of orange, and enjoy!

 Everything is better in a mason jar, right? do fun straws!

What's your favorite new summer cocktail?
Find more of mine here on Pinterest!

xo, lp

Monday, June 10, 2013


Last week was a big week. A promotion at work and a new apartment lease getting signed was a little overwhelming (in a good way!), and called for a family & friend filled weekend to celebrate.

Looking back on the weekend, it was full-on Americana. Big family dinners, stock car racing in the Wisconsin countryside, a baseball game, and some beer & tailgating. 

Starting on Friday night:
My parents came in town to see my uncle race this weekend at the Columbus 151 Speedway. We had dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece at one of the best pizza places in WI- Salvatore's Tomato Pies (you must go if you're in Sun Prairie). We then headed to the racetrack to cheer my amazing uncle on!

Here's my tiny niece with her noise-canceling headphones and gigantic icee:
We watched the races until laaaate at night. So worth it- such a gorgeous night in the country!

Saturday was baseball day.
Michael and I spent the day tailgating at Miller Park with a big group of his coworkers. Nothing like a good PBR to feel American on a sunny Saturday!

Brewers even won, which is a rare occasion these days!

In other news- I am soooo excited to share the most DELICIOUS summer drinks I made a couple weekends ago. I have to say this was by far the best mojito I've ever had. Yummm. Come back tomorrow for the recipe!

Enough about me- how was your weekend?
Anyone else do anything uber- Amuuurican?

xo, lp

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