Friday, June 28, 2013


I'm slowly but surely starting a washi I decided to put some of the red & blue to good use!

Yesterday The Washi Blog featured my 4th of July washi straws- and I figured I should share a few more super easy red/white/blue crafts :)

The 4 super easy crafts are as follows:
1. Patriotic Planner
2. 4th of July straws
3. Cupcake party flags
4. USA cups

#1: Patriotic Planner:
I am a planner hoarder, and the one I got from Target a little while back had its gold stripes wearing off. I figured and little makeover was in order with a few strips of red and blue washi:

#2: 4th of July straws:
Paper straws are cute enough already, but adding these little flags makes them even better! Just fold over, cut out a triangle, and you're good to go.

#3: Cupcake Party Flags:
These are the easiest ever. I mean, just little triangles on toothpicks? Definitely going to be making these for every holiday there is!

#4: USA Party Cups:
The possibilities are endless here, but I went with a simple USA flag and some fun fireworks! If you're having a small get together, making a different design for each guest could be a great way to differentiate whose glass is whose!

If you're looking for more fun washi ideas, you have to check out The Washi Blog!

Have any fun 4th of July decorating tips?
Feel free to share my friends!

xo, lp 


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