Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes this blog has to be more than boozy recipes and pretty Instagram shots, you know?

(photo taken by louisa marion photography)

A little bit ago Ashley shared this post - starting a weekly "Currently" post in the style of the lovely Danielle from Sometimes Sweet. Still following me here? Basically the point is you do a weekly check in to what is going on/how you're feeling. Now, this won't be a weekly post for me- but I figured you all might care even a smidgen what's going on in my here goes:

FEELING: Ready for the weekend. Ya dig? 

READING: The new Martha magazine. Is it a book? No, but it is full of so much summer goodness! I'm a Martha mag hoarder. I can't ever bring myself to recycle them. Too pretty!

LISTENING TO: Thunder. That's not some cool new band name, I really mean thunder. It's been storming all week here and I've been waking up a few times a night to thunder and lightening and pounding rain. Half relaxing, half terrifying.

THANKFUL FOR: A recent surprise gift from Michael. Nothing fancy or elaborate- but a replacement for something I had emotional ties to that was falling apart. Well done, M. Well done.

THINKING ABOUT: MOVING. Gah. We move into our new apartment in 3 weeks and it cannot come soon enough. I am so ready to be out of our crappy building and into a place with more space, in a better area. Let the decorating plans begin!

EATING: Copious amounts of pesto. Our basil plant grows at a ridiculous rate, so I've been making pesto 1-2 times a week for pasta or flatbread. So so so much garlic. Since we're on the topic of garlic, I currently reek of it from the guac I just made. Not mad about it.

WATCHING: Master Chef. Dudes, I love this show. I love how harsh Gordon Ramsay is. I love how ridiculously stuck up Joe Bastianich is. I love how Graham Elliot is kind of the third wheel. I love making fun of that Beth idiot that sobs all the time. 

LOVING: THIS  necessary summer shirt, THIS  perfect everyday bracelet, THIS miracle working self tanner, and THIS bomb diggity lucite jewelry/makeup container.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The wedding we're going to this weekend. Besides the obvious joy of seeing two pretty friends who love each other get married, I'm also a big fan of dressing up. And seeing Michael dress up. Sorry in advance for the inevitable amount of Instagram shots. 

Now it's YOUR turn!!

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  1. I love that braid! Good luck with the move––all the fun decorating will make it worth it!

  2. I haven't done one of these yet, I'll have to write one up! My husband is obsessed with Master Chef! He wants to get on it so bad!


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