Thursday, June 13, 2013


Remind me again WHY I live in a town without a Madewell?

When I got the email about Madewell's new arrivals the other day I couldn't pick just one favorite item. So, like a true hoarder I've collected a grouping of my top 15. Yes, 15. I couldn't narrow down. Oops.

Here they are!
1. Perfect Patterned Pouches: In order of awesomeness: chambray dots, nautical stripes, and fruity fresh.

2. Light & Lovely Tanks: I can't put these in order of awesomeness. I just need one of each. Minty dots, black & floral, and bold cobalt.

3. Simple & Sleeveless: Basic, sleeveless tops are necessary for summer so you can just grab one & go, knowing it'll match whatever you have on. Get bright coral, light chambray, or basic white to go with a great summer tan!

4. Textured Tops: Okay, so I lied and only 2 have texture, but the first floral-y pattern one has enough going on that it doesn't need anything else to it! Love the ladylike eyelet and the fluorescent lace number too.

5. I have a tan/camel bag that I bring everywhere in the summer. It's a little beat up and these three bags are on my watch list. Basic brown, stripes, and colorful blue are all lookin' good.

Which of the Madewell new arrivals are you going to make your own?

xo, lp


  1. This stuff is too cute for words! I'm going to have to check this place out!

  2. I'm loving that chambray tank. Perfect for summer! I think a Madewell trip is definitely in my future.

  3. I love Madewell! Those pouches are adorable!!!

  4. It's all SO good! I've got a lot of the same items in my shopping cart. I've yet to submit because I need to weed a lot out, but it's fun to pretend shop sometimes. Ha ha!

  5. Replies
    1. right? i could SO see you wearing that middle one :)

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